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One of the most painful treatments in the world - Kidney Dialysis

What is Kidney Dialysis?
Kidney Dialysis is a life support treatment that comes into picture when there is a possible malfunction or failure of the Kidneys. The main function of a Kidney is to purify the complete blood of your body.
Because of increase in the creatinine level, Kidney fails to perform the blood purification process and hence Dialysis is required.
The danger level of creatinine is 8; if it increases above that there are high chances of the person getting admitted to the ICU as there are severe kidney impairments.

How creatinine increases?
Normal creatinine level in adult body is below 2.

The common causes of increase in creatinine are
1. High Blood Pressure
2. Diabetes
 If blood pressure and diabetes are on a higher side for a substantial period of time, there are high chances of increase in the creatinine levels which in turn causes Kidney failure and need for a dialysis.

Why Dialysis is the most painful treatment in the world?
If the creatinine level crosses the danger mark there is an immediate need of Kidney Dialysis.
In case of such emergency conditions, the Dialysis is done through the neck which itself is very painful.

Below are some major consequences of dialysis -:
1. Dialysis is a 4 hours process in which the patient is not given any seductive hence he/she has to
     endure whatever sufferings or pain comes for entire 4 hours.
     There is no movement allowed during those 4 hours.

2. In case of serious conditions the dialysis is carried out twice a week and depending upon the
     criticality the frequency can also increase to thrice a week.

3. During every dialysis there is loss of blood and in the initial phase there is a high probability of
    fresh blood requirements after the dialysis is complete.

4. Not only blood but there is weight loss as well.
    A person can lose up to a kg after each dialysis process. In couple of months a healthy person can
    appear to look like malnutrition.

5. Weakness is at such peak levels that the person is not able to even take bath or wear clothes.

6. There are chances of fluctuation in the diabetes and blood pressure levels.

7. Kidney Transplant which is a very complex and costly surgery is the only option for a better life.
     Even after Kidney transplant happens successfully there is risk of life for next 6 months.
     Finding a donor having the matching kidney is a very difficult process.

8. Lack of sleep and discomfort in chest are other sufferings that can happen.

Message through this post
I have seen one of the relative of my close friend undergo Kidney Dialysis and how painful and difficult it is for that person and her family to face it.
The patient breaks mentally, physically and emotionally and so does his/her family members.

This post is mainly to create an awareness about the dangerous pigment called creatinine, common causes of increase in it’s level and how can we prevent the stage of Kidney Dialysis.

Here are some of the key points we should take care of -:
1. If a near or dear one is having high blood pressure or diabetes, always keep a check on their levels.
2. If the BP or diabetes levels are not under control for substantial period of time, immediately get the
    blood test done to check the creatinine levels.
3. If the creatinine levels increases above certain level there is no treatment in homeopathy other than
    Kidney Dialysis. Naturopathy has some treatments but their success rate is highly questionable, so I
    will advice not to go for that.
4. The major disease or disease causing thing in today’s life is “
    Try to keep the person suffering from BP or Diabetes happy and tension free and it can only be
    possible if you are happy and tension free. I know negligible tension is highly impossible in today’s
    life but try to keep it to the minimum levels.

Stay Happy..!!                                           Stay Fit..!!                                         Stay Healthy..!!

It will be so kind of you if you can spread this awareness and save someone from a suffering of lifetime.

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