Monday, November 2, 2015

Jacksonville Zoo : PhotoWalk

Last Sunday I got a chance to visit Jacksonville Zoo for my first Photography group meetup.
The zoo has over 2000 animals, birds and plants in its collection and covers over 117 acres.
It is brilliantly built and is like a natural habitat to all the species present.

The zoo has total 9 loops.
We started with the African loop which exhibits
Warthogs, Ground Hornbills , Bongos, Rhinos, Zebras, Leopards, Elephants, Cheetahs, Reptile House, Lions, Ostrich and Cranes.
Loved watching all the wild cats. Rhinos were huge but the biggest of all was the Ostrich.
I thought it won't come near and I made a move when suddenly it came running towards our end.
Probably it had a sudden urge to eat the grass.

Next in line was the Giraffe overlook where we got the chance to get close & personal with the gentle giants amid beautiful, Savanna gardens.

South America loop was the our next destination which featured national award winning exhibit -"Range of the Jaguar". It also includes Giant Otters, Giant Anteaters, Sloths, Monkeys, Fruit Bats, Snakes and Fishes. 
Jaguars, you are such a beauty..

Walk few steps and you will reach the Australian loop which is home to Kangaroos, Cassowaries and lorikeets. Watching Kangaroos jump is a pleasure.

Far East loop awaits you next, also known as land of tigers which is abode of Tigers, Hornbills, Pigs and the huge Komodo Dragons. Watching dragons from so near was like a dream come true.

The penultimate loop was land of Great Apes which had the cute Gorillas , Bonobos, Mandrills, Lemurs and Siamangs 

After watching my so called ancestors closely I moved to the last loop which was Wild Florida loop which was home to the native animals like Alligators, Bears, Wolves, Panthers, Bobcats, Bald Eagle, Cranes and lot of snakes.

I loved the meetup. Got to learn a lot from the experts who were into photography from last 15 years.
Talking about the zoo, the staff was amiable, there were almost all species of animals in the zoo who were lively and loved their natural habitat which was superbly built.

Here are some pics from the PhotoWalk

Pics Credit - Novik Lee

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