Friday, November 20, 2015

Fantasy : A pleasure to be experienced..!!!

Fantasy, the word itself is so powerful that we don’t need a description to understand it.
In today’s world everyone has some or other fantasy or even fantasies, mind you we are not referring to the fantasy world that is home to angels and demons.

Anyways as a human we have the power to think, imagine and dream.
We dream about being successful, rich and famous. We have our dream places to visit and adventures to fulfill, but in all these dreams, there are those which give us pleasure, something intense, ecstasy may be and are called Fantasies.

Fantasies can be divided into 3 categories
A. Common             --- Most of men will dream of going on a date with Angelina Jolie and women                                           with Cristiano Ronaldo.

B.  Non-Secretive   ---  Fantasies that you can discuss with your partner or even best friends.
                                      They are generally not very weird and are realistic.

C.  Secretive            --- This category constitute the major volume of fantasies.
                                      Mostly belonging to the dark world, these fantasies gets buried with the death                                       of a person. Sometimes they can be very weird and unrealistic.  

So here is the question should we go try to fulfill our fantasy or not?
Well the answer depends on various factors -:
1. Will your fantasy put your or anyone’s life in danger?
2. Will your fantasy isolate you from the whole world?
3. Is your fantasy going to give you guilt that you won’t be able to forget lifelong?
4. Will your fantasy get you involved in illegal activities? 

If the answer to above questions is a “NO” then you should definitely give a try to fulfill your fantasy.
When you are on your death bed, taking your last breaths, for a moment there will a smile on your face, remembering that time when you succeeded in fulfilling the most secretive thing in your life.

Yes fantasies are the biggest secrets of our life. We tell everything to our partner but it’s really difficult to express our fantasy to him/her, sometimes our best friends come in handy but it’s not the case always.     
If your partner understands and supports you to fulfill it, then that is the greatest happiness of your life.

Today we are not only improving technologically but also with our mentality.
People are becoming broad minded and logical. Though the progress is not that great but there are hopes that with time it will pace up.

With more freedom to express, dream, live and enjoy, the possibilities to fulfill your fantasies has increased manifold, but remember that it should always be a calculative risk as it also has the power to break you and make your life hell.

So on a fantasizing node, I wish everyone success in their fantasies.
Let’s create a satisfied world J

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