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"Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth"...A Keen Insight

The most wonderful feeling in this world is to become a parent.
When the baby is born it feels like you have won a jackpot.  Various emotions pour in at the same time. Those small eyes staring at you, puppy like cute face, innocent giggle makes you feel out this world. But at the same time you have the most important responsibility on your shoulder which is to take utmost care of the newborn till he/she transits into a grown up kid.
If children are conceived and brought up in a healthy environment and receive proper guidelines for diet and lifestyle at an early age, the society will be more healthy and peaceful.


General Childhood Problems
A healthy child who is mentally and physically developed is the need of the society.
There are many products in the market which guarantees all around development of a baby and protection from various disorders and diseases.
Cough, Asthma, Tonsillitis, Skin diseases, Fever, Diarrhoea, Indigestion, Lack of Appetite, malnutrition, Weak muscles and bones, dwarfness and emotional disorders are the common ones.
But most of them fail to live to the expectations.
A child has weak immunity and its body is very delicate and vulnerable so choosing the right product for their baby is the most important responsibility of parents.

Nutrients required by baby for optimal growth
Vitamin C -: It helps in forming collagen, a protein that gives structure to bones, muscle and blood vessels. In addition it also helps in healing wounds and fighting against infection
      Calcium -: It plays an important role in bone and tooth development and blood clotting.
      Iron -: It helps in formation of healthy blood cells and also is part of Hemoglobin.
 Proteins-: It develops, maintains and repairs new tissues throughout the body, including muscles.

Essential Products for internal use required in the early growth and development of babies
Childcare in Ayurveda begins a long time before the child is actually born.
Kaumarbhratya' , one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, is dedicated to this subject. The aim of Ayurveda is not only to heal, but also to maintain health. Kaumarabhratya plays an important role in achieving this aim.


Some tonics that are good for child’s health include
1. Gold Svarna bhasma with paste of brahmi  and sankhapuspi , given with ghee and honey. This is good for general immunity and intelligence and given mainly to newly born children.
2. The powder of Vaca , jatamansi , apamarg , satavari , sariva , brahmi , pippali , haridra , kustha and saindhava with honey. This is good for general infections of chest, cold, cough, and asthma.
3. Ghee with paste of Ashwagandha and milk. It’s very nutritious and strengthening.
4. Herbs in the form of fresh juice or powder mixed with honey or milk is very healthy.
5. Gripe water which guards the baby against common stomach problems like indigestion and acidity.

Apart from above tonics there are various ayurvedic ingredients that should be included in a baby product like
Anjeer -: It’s good for infant’s liver. Act as cooling and soothing agent for the stomach.
Draksha/Kishmish -: Contains essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron in assailable form.
Vach -: Prevents loss of appetite. Useful in dyspepsia & choleric diarrhea.
Ajwain -: Prevents indigestion, colic dyspepsia & diarrhea.
Amaltas -: Acts as a laxative especially for habitual constipation

Essential Products for external use required in the early growth and development of babies.
Baby Oil
Good quality baby oil is very essential to keep the baby skin soft and infection free.
The diaper area needs help because of rashes and acids in the urine and stool. Baby oil forms a protective coating on the skin, healing rashes and blocking the harsh body fluids from creating harm to the skin. It blocks common skin pathogens from starting infection.
Proper oil massage increases the immunity and vitality of a child.
Different  types of oils available are
A.      Sesame Seed Oil
B.      Organic Almond Oil
C.      Olive Oil
Skin protection & Healing Cream
Skin is the most sensitive part of a baby’s body. Infections and rashes are very common at this tender age so a good skin cream is very important. It protects the skin from ill effects of pollution, UV radiation, heat, wind and dryness.

How to choose the right product for your baby
1. Choose a product that is certified.
2. Read labels of all lotions, oils and creams. Avoid the products which have unfamiliar
         chemicals mentioned on it.
 3. Avoid genetically modified foods and chemical additives.

Leader of the Market
Though there are many renowned players in the Indian BabyCare products market like
1. Johnson & Johnson
2. Pigeon
3. Himalaya 
4. Chicco
But the one which is the leader and most trusted brand is none other than Dabur.
Dabur Lal Tail ,

Dabur Janma Ghunti  


and Dabur Gripe water 


are the top products in their respective categories.

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