Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Swasth Bharat…..Safal Bharat.

Healthy Generation ensures a Healthier Nation.
If children are conceived and brought up in a healthy environment and receive proper guidelines for diet and lifestyle at an early age, the society will be more healthy and immune.

To make India immune we need to focus on its 2 pillars
1. Rural India
2. Urban India

Rural India
Around 70% of total population of India still reside in the rural regions.
To make India healthier, stronger and more immune it’s very important to ensure a healthy rural generation. Despite several growth oriented policies adopted by the government , the widening  economic, regional and gender disparities are posing challenges for the health sector. About 75% of the health infrastructure, medical man power and other health resources are been concentrated in urban India where only 30% of the population lives.

Let’s discuss about the problems and obstacles which hinders the growth and development in rural areas.

Problems Faced -:

1. Limited Scope of Government Policies
     The scope of the health policies incorporated by the government is restricted.
    They are implemented at the macro levels (National, state and district) but not at the
     micro (Regional and Remote areas) levels. Also only 10% of the total health budget is allocated to 
     the rural sector.
2. Dreadful diseases
Contagious, infectious and water borne diseases dominate the morbidity pattern in the rural    
3. Poor Living Conditions
    Many children are still living in abysmal living conditions.
4. Unsafe Water
    Contaminated and unsafe water for drinking purposes.

5. Malnutrition
    Malnutrition is one of the most dominate health related problem in rural India.
    Millions of children do not get their 2 days meal. More than 85% of the rural children are  


6.  Improper Sanitary Facilities
     Degraded and Unsanitary environments which are the major cause of infectious diseases.
7.  Early Marriage & Illiteracy
     Around 75% of the women had their pregnancy below 18 years which is a major reason for 
     disabled and underdeveloped babies.
8.  Unavailability of Medical Resources
     Inadequate experienced medical man power allocated to the rural areas.

Solutions -:

1. Government Policies and programs available to all
     Proper implementation of all the health policies especially the vaccination programmes. Upmost 
     care to be taken that it reaches it to the grass root levels.
2.  2 times meal a day
     Government should make sure that no child dies of malnutrition or under nutrition.
     It should make sure that every family gets at least 2 times meal.
3.  Safe Drinking water
     Plans to provide safe and clean water to reduce the widespread waterborne and other infectious 
4.  Hygienic living and sanitation facility
      Improved sanitation including waste treatment to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.
5.  Availability of Medical resources
      Greater availability of health workers which include nurses and doctors.
6. Primary education to all
     The girl child should be educated so that when it is the time to start a family she can take good
      care of her child and play a big role in reaching the target of an immune India.
7.  Use of Ayurvedic products
     Providing Ayurvedic products like Chyawanprash to the children to enhance their immune
      system. Dabur Chyawanprash the most trusted of all brands.


Urban India

In urban India though we have all important health facilities available then too health problems and poor immune system of children is one of the major problems.
Let’s discuss about the problems and obstacles which hinders the growth and development in urban areas.

Problems Faced -:

1. Poverty
    Poverty is one of the major obstacle which impedes the goal of an Immune urban India. Inflation is
     high in cities and poor people are not able to feed and take proper care of their children because
     of it. Many children suffer from malnutrition.
2.  Unhygienic Slum Areas
     In slum areas still the living conditions are poor and children are at constant threat of being
     inflicted by various infectious diseases. 


3.  Widespread Corruption
     There are many policies started by the government for improving the health system in urban India
    but major chunk of the funds is not put into implementation because of the widespread
4.  Breastfeeding unpopularity
    Breastfeeding which is very important for a baby’s growth has been sidelined by many working
    women because of lack of time or other reasons.
5.  Junk Food Addiction
     People have become addicted to junk food and their children also follow their path.
    Popularity of junk food as has increased manifold due to which
    children are not able to get a nutritious diet and hence are vulnerable to different
    diseases. Weak eye sight and hairfall at an early age are other side effects of having excess of junk


6.  Inadequate Sleep
     Lack of sleep is another reason for weak immune system. Today children are addicted to video
     game and movies and are busy with them even late night losing on their precious sleeping time.
7.  Obesity
     Obesity is a major problem with urban children. Sitting and eating has made them fat and prone
     to many diseases at an early age.

Solutions -:

1. Proper implementation of government policies
     The first and main step should be taken by government to scrutinize the process of funds
      allocation and make sure that the right amount is put into implementation.
2.  Improved Slum conditions
    Slum areas should have proper sanitation, waste disposal and living conditions.
3.  Free Medication
    Free medication for poor children who are below the poverty line.
4. Breastfeeding Awareness
    Breastfeeding should be encouraged as it is very important for the proper growth and
    development of a baby.


5. Balanced Diet
    Eating healthy food full of vitamins and other nutrients is the first and most important step in
    building a strong immune system. The importance of balanced diet taken at right time should be
    taught to the children.
6.  Adequate Sleep
     Early to wake, Early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise, a well said proverb which is so
     true. Every child should be encouraged to follow it.
7.  Physical Exercise
     Our body needs some sort of physical exercise to keep it fit. Regular exercising is one of the best
     things you can do to improve your immune system. 


8. Use of Ayurvedic products
    Providing Chyawanprash to the children to enhance their immune system.
    Dabur Chyawanprash the most trusted of all brands.

Common Problems Faced -:

1. Uncontrolled Population
     Increasing population is one of the biggest problem faced by India,
     because of which government is not able to implement its policies to the
     fullest. Scarcity of resources makes it really difficult for many Indians to
      lead a healthy and happy life.
2. Unemployment
     Unemployment is another major problem which is faced by developing
     nation like India. People are not able to feed their family a 2 times meal
     also because of which their children suffer from malnutrition and other
      health issues.
IMMUNE INDIA is not a dream made in air. It can become a reality is all of us
take a pledge to play our part with complete sincerity and diligence.

Swasth Bharat…..Safal Bharat.

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