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Trip to 2 most amazing places in Asia : Singapore & Malaysia : PART III

The Morning alarm rang at 7:30 a.m and it was time to wake for another amazing and fun filled day of our trip of Malaysia...

This time we were going to a place near Kuala Lumpur which was known as Genting highlands...otherwise also known as Resort World Genting..
It is a hill resort in Malaysia developed by Genting group. It takes around 1.5 hours to reach the place from Kuala Lumpur.

I really enjoyed the ride from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highland, the best part was when the Ghat section started.. The panoramic view was really mind boggling..It was nature at its best..

After enjoying the view it was time to start moving as we arrived at our hotel, "The Awana Resort"

It was a lovely resort with fish ponds, big swimming pool , nice dinning restaurants and luxurious rooms..Our room had a balcony too..And boy!!! the view was amazing..:)

Quickly we kept our luggage, unlocked the rooms and started with the expedition of Genting highlands..

The first adventure came in just 5 mins, it was Cable car also known as Genting skyway..
There were around 7-8 people allowed in a single car. The journey was of about half hour.
Now coming to the bestest part of it, the cabin view..
Nothing in the world can be as beautiful as those valleys , mountains , greenery.. that exotic

After this wonderful experience it was time for the theme parks..
There are 3 theme parks in Genting Highland
1. Outdoor theme park


2. First World Indoor theme park

3. Water Park


We started with the outdoor theme park. The volunteers gave us a wrist band which was our entry pass to the park.
The main signature attraction includes
a. Flying Coaster

b. Pirate's Train

c. Space Shot


d. Jurassic Park


e. Genting Sky venture and many more..

The rides were really thrilling and full of adventure..I enjoyed them thoroughly..\m/

This time all the baccha party of the MakeMyTrip group was together...The guju gals, Mr Iyer son and she is such a lovely example of natural beauty...Flawless skin, that glow, wow...mesmerized..:P
I tried to talk to her..did she enjoy the ride, how was the experience and all, but than there were people around to disturb us, our siblings ..:(...At times i really wished that the group should move ahead and by some chance I and she be left alone..Anyways that never happened..:(
But yeah i got to see her more closely, be with her for a longer time..something to cheer about..:)

It was evening time and our guide told us to head towards the Indoor theme park.
The indoor park is no less than the outdoor one..Statue of liberty riding a bike,
the symbol of love Eiffel tower, Genting Casino and a huge Oscar trophy are few of its attractions..

But what I loved the most is Ripley's Believe or not Museum...Amazing collection and hats of to the people who maintain it..really i mean it...simply wow..:)

Haunted house is a sheer waste of money so i suggest not to go for it..

The build of indoor theme park is also amazing..Castle like structures build everywhere...roller coaster running on top of your head..i wondered how much fun it is to be a volunteer there..



Had never seen something like this before, even not in India ,so i was really overwhelmed with thrill, excitement and lost in my own fantasy world for sometime..:P

Finally it was time to leave the theme park and move towards the hotel as delicious dinner was waiting for us..
After dinner we went to our rooms to enjoy the luxury of king size double beds, but this time it was one for each person..;)

Next day was a travelling day..We had to say good bye to Malaysia and head towards the enchanting Singapura..It takes around 5 hours to reach Singapore from Malaysia.. The journey is quite interesting with lot of panoramic views to enjoy..

We had to stop at the boundary of Singapore for the immigration verification..
After it was done we entered into one of the most beautiful ,developed and richest country of Asia, Singapore..

Just 15 mins had passed and a yellow Lamborghini overtook our bus in nano seconds i think..:P
Wow man...everyone was jumping, standing , pushing each other to have a glimpse of it..It was proof that we were in a country with the highest per capita income in Asia..

I think every 3rd car there was a BMW, Mercedes or Audi..I so so so love cars...*thinking to settle there*..

Finally we reached our hotel "The Hard Rock hotel" which was located in Sentosa Resort World..

As the name suggests it was based on the theme of rock music...The rooms are well appointed and the beds are comfortable..Bathroom is of good size with nice toiletries...The swimming pool is also quite big..loved it..:)


Next on the list was Night Safari. It was optional, per person cost $50 which included the transportation too...Most of the people from the group decided to go for it..
Nigh Safari includes few shows and a tram ride of 30 mins which passes through the natural habitats of various animals.


I would not recommend people to go for this attraction.
first because you can barely see the animals in night time , u need night vision goggles for a clear view..
and secondly  because there is nothing to do here except the 30 mins tram ride, the shows are also not that interesting..


After the shows and tram ride it was time for dinner which was at a restaurant in the safari itself..

It was time to head back to our hotel and have a good night sleep..:)

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