Monday, March 11, 2013

Samsung Bloggers meet @ Blue Frog

I was really overwhelmed to see the invite for the Samsung bloggers meet in my Gmail..
To add to the excitement was the venue , Blue Frog..

The meet was on 9th of March, Saturday, so it was a gr88 start to the weekend.

I asked the organizers if I could bring someone along and they agreed to it.
So now I was all set for the meet with a pretty gal Palak accompanying me..

We took a slow local from Jogeshwari to Lower Parel. Gals will be gals ,they need a guy to take care of them was proved once again..Palak forgot to get down at Lower parel and I nearly got a heart attack after listening that. Though it was a hot Saturday afternoon , but the local was overloaded, also she was not much used to travelling by local, so I was a bit worried.

"Hey I got down at next station and will be there in 5 mins" , this words of her brought some relief to me.
Blue Frog is at a walking distance from the station. The way if full of chicken and sea food shops, so you have to bear the pungent smell for around 10-15 mins.

Finally after some lefts and rights we were at the venue. At the reception there were some lovely ladies dressed in their bestest of attire..They gave us a hat each , white one for the guy and red one with sparkles for the lady, a wrist band and cool beer mug shaped gogs. Nice stuff to match the ambiance.

As we entered in I was amazed to see the opulent design and unique style of sitting arrangement.
The first thing was to reserve a table and we did that in no time..:)

Slowly people started pouring in and it seemed that the event would start in some time. We made ourselves comfortable and took out our gadgets..
There was no free wifi in the house and that thing really annoyed me. Cme'on its just a wifi.

Anyways Palak had net activated on her blackberry , so I managed a couple of tweets about the activities happening around me.

In the meanwhile our host for the day..Charu Shankar took the center stage. She was a ravishing beauty , with a killer smile.

She introduced the Samsung team who were the technical host for the eve.
We had the Samsung Digital Head for India and his team to make us aware about the amazing Samsung products and apps.

In some time a big plate which had around 12 veg and non veg cuisines was served.
Also Votka shots were served at regular intervals. The food was oky, not that yummy..

The first contest of the eve was about the max no of tweets with #Samsungpartybloggers. Winner was going to wake away with a brand new Samsung

Next event was related to photography...5 people were called on stage, each given a Samsung galaxy camera. They had to click pics in different modes with a single subject in focus.
Everyone was given a Toblerone..

The best part of the meet was getting to explore those amazing Samsung devices which were presented by the gorgeous models at regular intervals.

I got the opportunity to put my hands on Samsung S III, Grand and Galaxy Camera..:)
I had my heart on the amazing Samsung Galaxy Camera..
It is a superb cam + it has all the features of a smartphone too..wonderful product..:)

Now it is time for some gaming event , so lets race, announced the host. Yes car racing was the next event , not on road but on Samsung Grand.

4 people were called and the winner walked away with a Samsung Grand.

Finally an event for everyone called Pictionary, was announced. In this event we had to identify the movie from the drawing made on Samsung Note II. I t was a fun event though we couldn't win a single chocolate..damn..:(

Last event for the day was "The Best pic of the eve" where everyone was required to click a pic only with Samsung Galaxy Camera. They were tripods kept everywhere which had Galaxy Cameras mounted on them. The task was to click one of the finest pic using them.

Gaurav Hasbanis won the prize for the best pic, a Samsung

The grand prize Samsung S III was given to a guy for tweeting 126 times using #Samsungpartybloggers... amazing speed..:O

Now it was time for some drinks and deserts. Deserts had 6 varieties of yummy Pastries. I really loved them. Drinks lover too were enjoying the treat.

Feedback session was on the cards and we were searching for Mr Aditya Babbar , The Digital head India and his team to share our suggestion.
I told them that I am working for Bank of America and it doesn't allow camera mobile phones in office.
If there was a smartphone having all the features except camera than it can be a boon for around 40k employees who are working in Investment Banks and Financial Institutions.

They liked the idea but the main thing is implementation. We have our hopes high as their response was quite positive..

Now comes the most exciting part of the meet , the giveaway time. Iball speakers and a  pair of Tequila shooter glass was what everyone took that's really a wow moment for all who attended the meet.

That's all about the meet from my end... Catch you guys at the next one soon..:)

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