Saturday, February 2, 2013

My way of asking that special gal to be my valentine

As the valentine day is approaching by, here is one of my ways to ask that special gal to be my valentine..:)

Talk to a resort to make arrangements for the night at their private beach.

Take her for a ride and stop your car before the resort pretending the car has crashed.
Take her inside the resort and ask them for something to drink till the time mechanic comes and
repairs it.

Ask her for a stroll on the beach and take her to the location where you have heart made of sand with a card in it. 
Ask her to open the card which will have directions to the main place where you have made all the arrangements to surprise her.

As she reaches the place following the directions, there will be dark all around.  
Ask her in a kidding manner to say something funny like Prakash Bhavah or lights on, something related to light.

As she says those words, the lights will be turned on by the resort people and before her there will a small white colour four pillared tent which will be embellished with heart shaped Lamps, 1 at each corner and a big red one in the middle. Inside the tent there will be a beautiful table and 2 chairs decorated with flowers.

You will pull the chair for her to sit. Once sited, you will ask her to check the dishes. She will be amazed to see all her favorite dishes there. Play her favorite songs and let the cold breeze, delicious food and appeasing sea waves do their work.

After dinner, read out the poem or lines you have written specially for her and finally at the end pop up the question, “Will you be my Valentine “?


  1. Whoa..nice one surely you can expect the gal to be floored *hopefully as these girls are so complicated err confused*

    But I liked the post.

    Thanks for following my blog, following you back.

    1. Yeah I agree wid you dude..they are really confused and above all moody..pheww..but u need one, don't u..:)

      Thnx for liking the post and following the blog..
      do drop by more often.