Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be Happy, That's all we need..

I don’t know why but people seem to be really depressed these days.

One final year engineering guy when asked about this says,”Students don’t want to go to college,attend useless 1 hour lectures from morning till 4pm,write first period tests(-and flunk),present their project and get screwed by HOD in project review and all. But we are forced to. We don’t even get OD for representing our college in other symposiums. That too if we don’t get placed pressure accumulates from parents side as well. We don’t have girlfriend also. What to do? How can we be happy? Tell me?! ”.
Ok boss,understood. * hugs and wipes his tears *

One IT professional is saying “Life is robotic. Work isn't interesting. Sad to see ladies work late nights. No respect for individuals. Deserving associates are made to stay Off-shore. Parents searching for bride and girls want a guy from Onsite. Where to go?On the whole life is screwed. Society thinks we earn more than we deserve. But can money alone buy happiness? Tell me?!”.

Agreed boss. * hugs and wipes his tears *

Seems like everybody has their own problems to be depressed. But wait. Look around. You have enough money to go around with your friends/chicks or even treat them right? Your parents are happy for you no? Atleast they can go around saying “He is doing engineering/working in XYZ software firm and he is managing everything by himself” right?

To that engineering student,there are few students who would have scored more than you in school but couldn’t afford to study engineering at all. You know? There might be a boy of your age in your college canteen who would clean your table and all right? Why should he do it? Doesn’t he deserve more? He was never meant to work there but he does. Not because he should but because he lacked that privilege. So you are more happier than him right? You definitely should. Forget everything else. Its all secondary.

To that IT professional,did you realize that the guy who prepares filter coffee in your cafeteria is of your age? You are fortunate. Not him. Your birthday treat money would be more than his monthly salary. You go out to smoke right? You remember that lady(she must be 30-35 years old) who sells cigarettes and tea outside campus? Why should a lady of that age sell ‘Kings’ ? Her kids can’t go to school if she doesn’t. Inside campus a lady of same age is sitting in AC and making a team work under her. Why this inequality? Did you realize? You wouldn’t have. If you had,you would never complain about your life. Remember there are a million people still trying to get a job/run a life. Won’t they have a dream to marry a good girl just like you do? Everybody does. Feelings are the same. So tell me,you are more happier than the above mentioned people right?

Happiness lies within. Do what you like. Trust yourself. Fight for it. Don’t be afraid. Forget what others think. Help one another. Be generous. Don’t lose yourself. Lastly,keep smiling (-its the second best thing you can do with your lips).

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