Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not For Sale..Anymore


Why are you sending me to Harayana with this aunty, Aami.?
I love you, Abba, Salim and Sakina very much. I want to live with you people.
Please I don't wanna go with her... cry, screams, slaps..:(
Shocking Truth : The girl was SOLD to some man in Harayana for 80k so that she can give him the Varis of his family and for her family there is enough money to feed all the mouths.

Sorry we were not able to save your child, doctors said in a voice that appeared to be full of grief.
No it can't happen , I heard my baby crying. Please doctor tell me where is my child, please..., the mother was screaming in pain...:(
We tried our best but couldn't save her ,was the only ans they had.
Frightening Truth : The child was SOLD to a rich family who couldn't have a child of their own.


I don't wanna make myself dirty. Please don't make me do this.
Earlier also it hurt me a lot, A 14 year old gal pleaded not to send a big fat Uncle in her room...:(
Horrible Truth : The gal was SOLD to a lady who runs a prostitute center,when she was just 13.



Trafficking of human and their organs is the most sensitive issue of today's world.
There are thousands of mother whose baby is been sold to some1 else before she opens her eyes.
One of the most vicious act against Humanity in the world.

Lakhs of young gals forced into marriage or prostitution to keep their family line going.
It can't get more wicked than this.


Millions of people are forced into beggary and slavery...

Whenever I see a beggar with a hand, leg or to my horror eyes missing , first thing that comes to my mind is whether it is because of his misfortune or others cruel and inhuman means to earn fortune.


The most gruesome act is human organs trafficking.

Kidneys are been stolen, leaving the victim and his family suffer for the whole life...:(


If I could bring a change, than all my paths would lead to completely devastate and eradicate this
horrendous and obnoxious act of inhumanity performed by some audacious monsters and free each and every human being from this quagmire of pain and slavery.

This post is official entry for Stayfree Time To Change contest on Indiblogger.
Lets pledge that this change is not limited to this contest only and it's vibes are felt in the real world too.
We have to be vigilant and create awareness in the society. Do what all is in our control to completely root off this cruel act of inhumanity.


Together we can make a difference, we can bring a change..:)



  1. a true mind opener. pictorials make the mind numb.
    just amazing work of pen.

    1. yes a frightening truth indeed which should be stopped at any cost..
      thnx for showing your awareness..

  2. This is, as you put it, frighteningly true. God!
    It's so pathetic when people just steal your kid, to sell it. I mean, really, what is the world coming to?
    It's so cruel. And nasty. And just plain sad.
    BTW I'd written a story on prostitution. Check it out maybe?
    Take care. :]

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

    1. yes its really horrifying when you see such should be stopped at any cost..
      thnx for showing your awareness..
      Read your story...Its really sad to see a woman taking up such things though unintentionally but due to her state and circumstances..
      nwys u write so never seemed that a 16 year old mind has penned down all this..well it was a bit short but awesome stuff gal..