Sunday, March 11, 2012


Another poetry from KJ's diary..

This one is dedicated to "THE WALL".. "RAHUL DRAVID"..

The "wall" that stood so strong and long..
Its time when his journey will last no long..

No matter how many players came and go..
He was always a "one man show"..

To break "THE WALL"..
Every bowler tried so hard..
but everytime,each effort..
Seeemed to be falling apart..

His career,his journey..
Made every indian inspire..
Whenever he arrived at the crease..
Opposition stared to perspire..

India will miss the safest pair of hand..
But its true that time is a flow of sand..
One who comes ,has to go..
But "RAHUL DRAVID" was,is and will remain "INDIA'S HERO"..:))))


  1. That is a beautiful poem. Touching tribute. :)

    Plz do read my small tribute to my idol, Dravid:

  2. thanks a lot akshay..
    keep on coming by more often...:)

  3. Hi Kunal,
    It’s a beautiful poem. Loved it.
    I am Sudarshan, a panelist of “Behind The Wall”(BTW), a project being done by Dravid fans. It’s a book on Dravid from fan’s perspective. It will contain fans feelings n opinions put through articles, poems and sketches. It will also have some guest interviews from some of the stalwarts in the cricketing world. I loved your poem and it fits perfectly into the theme of our book. With your permission we would like to include it in the book.

    (We took permission from the man himself to write the book.)

    Please send your poem to (official id ). To know more about the project or for further communication, you can contact me through (or through our official id).

    Thank you,
    Awaiting your reply,

    A. Sudarshan Chakravarthy
    Panelist, Behind the Wall.