Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to become famous..

Every one wants to become famous. Name,fame and money is what all dream of.
I too have always dreamed of becoming an iconic personality whom the world will always remember, but how remains the question.

When India won the world cup I was intrigued by the all the materialistic gifts that the players received and thought that I have got the ans to my question. Cricket is what can make zero a hero as it is treated like a religion in india. Its not the gold in Olympics or the no 3 position in world badminton nor it’s the champion of world chess tournament which is as much cheered as world cup final’s win in cricket. I could see myself sitting in the AUDI car as yuvraj or in a Ferrari like dhoni and politicians showering their courtesy in the form of crores of rupees which otherwise can be used in development of mankind.
But I came out of my fantasy world into the reality and realized that it would take me years to get into the Indian team and cricket surely is not my cup of coffee..

Suddenly my eyes went on the cover of a magazine which had the pic of Mukesh Ambani on it.
It again brought me into my fantasy land and I started thinking of owning a huge empire like tatas, birlas or ambanis..My companies been listed on NSE and BSE and people dying to buy shares of my companies.
Newspaper filled with headlines of me gifting jet and yacht to my wife costing crores of rupees which can otherwise be used to feed a 2 time meal to millions of children .
This time I was brought to my senses by a loud roar from my dear sis who was eagerly waiting for the movie DDLJ to start on zee cinema. I appeased myself by thinking that its all hereditary and my forefathers were school teachers... so just leave it.

The movie started and I saw SRK. My mind started dreaming again.
Why not try into films. People love and cheer the reel heroes more than the real heroes who are the brave soldiers of Indian army.
Its strange that people remember names of all the new movies and their actors but fail to even remember name of a single martyr. But who cares I want to become famous so I again concentrated on my life as a reel hero. But today its all jack which makes jill climb up the hill and I knew I had no such contacts so I left the idea of becoming a reel hero...

My mom came and changed the channel to Astha tv.
Yaha se sas le aur yaha se chode..alom vilom was what I can make out as baba ramdev was busy teaching thousands of indians to live a healthy life.
I knew that I wanna enjoy my life to fullest and I have desires to flirt with gals and have sex so this line is not for me. It was as hard for me to become a religious guru as it was for India to defeat Brazil in football.

Meanwhile I started searching for a dvd to keep myself away from this fantasy world of mine and suddenly I had my eyes on Rajneeti DVD.
But this time I was sure as politics has always been at the last of my list because of the reason that I am not good at flattering and scamming from my childhood.

Finally I got the dvd which I was looking for 3 idiots and the philosophy of excellence came in my mind. But how to achieve this excellence..???
Than the 2 temples rather say centers of excellence came in my mind..how can i forget them..??
The IITS and The IIMS....
But who says its easy to get into this pillars of Indian education..
If u wanna get into a gud IIT you have to race with 5 lakh students and IIMs are still a harder nut to crack as it gives importance to cooperate experience too.

And I knew it will not make me famous as hardly any1 reads white papers published by great scientists or economists as compared to the scraps on ORKUT and status msgs on FACEBOOK of which people are crazily fond of and have become addictive to..

So at last again I am left with the same question
“how to do I get famous”..
I think many of us have been intrigued by this question time and again. So did u get an Answer..????
If yes please come with it so that it appeases mines and hundreds of others curiosity on being getting famous..:)

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