Friday, March 25, 2011

when dance makes hearts beat......

Acknowledgements: I really thank Nitika for motivating and giving me her sincere suggestions...i also show my gratitude to Garima and Nidhi for their frequent affirmations..

Dancing is like religion/god for few..passion for a bit more and hobby for many..
Priyank and Ankita were also among those many people...Both of them enjoyed dancing and
had thought of participating in their college fest this year..But what they didn't knew was,they wont only be dancing but also falling in love with each other..:)

Priyank and Ankita were studying in same engineering college but haven't meet each other before..
Priyank was in information Technology while Ankita was a student of Electronics and Instrumentation...

"This time we gonna perform on that stage", Priyank told his best friend Ravi...
But uske liye ladkiya chahiye said Ravi..and from where we would bring gals??..So i dont think we would be able to perform this time..pata hai na if u dont have a balance of gals and boys u wont even make it through the auditions..
"Well i trust ur ability dude", grinned priyank..I know you would find a solution for sure and 1 thing is done we are preforming this year..with or without gals.i donno...

Ravi had some female friends in E&I, so he decided to try his luck..
Ankita was a gud friend of his so he asked her what was their group planning to do on this fest apart from being part of the audience..
"Well we guys are planning to rock the stage with our dance",chuckled ankita..
so who are the boys in ur group asked ravi..
are thts d only problem dude,sab ke apne group hai and i don't think there are boys left who can dance well..
This was the moment ravi was waiting he told ankita abt how they were also looking for gals with whom they can pair up and form a dance group..
thats great exclaimed Ankita..but i have to ask my other friends too..So it was decided that she would be telling him 2mrw,whether it was a yes or no from their side..

Ravi came running towards priyank.."what happened dude", enquired priyank..
We have got our gals bro..Ankita and her group from E&I are ready to perform with us..lets c how we gel together...

Ankita and her 3 friends sonia, sonal and neha were asking ravi about the other guys who were there in the group.
"Two of them vijay and vinit are from E&I and priyank is from IT", answered Ravi..

Now the next thing was to find a choreographer and start the practice as only 10 days were left for the auditions to start.
"Gals have found a choreographer and asked us to reach his class by 5", said ravi..

The 1st day was gone in selecting the songs and deciding upon the time and fees with the choreographer.Fees was decided as Rs 5000/ person and time was 5 in the evening after the college gets over.

Ankita was paired up with priyank, ravi with sonia , vijay with sonal and vinit with neha. Out of the lot vinit and neha got gelled up very soon with each other.
priyank was a shy guy so it took him time to be comfortable with ankita..ravi and sonia were fine with the pairing and vijay had no problems as he was a Casanova and could settle down with any1.

Priyank the protagonist used to crack jokes with sonal and neha but same was not the case when ankita and sonia also got involved in the conversation.
They had a feeling that priyank doesn't like them and so wanted to ask him what the problem was..

It was 5th day of their practice..all was going f99..every1 except vijay was able to learn the steps easily..neha on the other hand was quite gud with her movements and was the best dancer among all..priyank liked this quality of hers and was always 1st to praise her..
But somewhere in his mind he knew that it was not neha but ankita who looked more sexy and sensuous while dancing and that it was not easy for a guy to take his eyes from her..

tring was priyank's cell which was ringing..
Hi priyank came a sweet voice.."whos dis", inquired priyank..I am ankita came back the response..
They had some talks about college,dance practices and other stuff and than came the main 1..
Ankita teased him with neha and sonal's name and asked why he doesn't talk with them and is always busy wiht neha and sonal..
Priyank didn't knew how to respond to this question as he knew she was telling the truth and also he didn't wanted to hurt her by saying anything rubbish..
He tried to be formal and humble with her and waited for the conversation to end.

Slowly and steadily like a turtle the conversation between priyank and ankita started to increase...Now they used to crack jokes, pull each others leg quite frequently..the bonding was becoming stronger and stronger as the time passed..

Finally the round of auditions for different activities started and today was the day for dance auditions..all the groups were prepared..some in punjabi attire with sticks as their props..while some had traditional touch..the name of priyanks group was Desi Rockers..the group performed well and was applauded by the judges except priyank who was told to work on his steps..he was all depressed and sad on listening to the comments..he was nt feeling well and had a bruise on his leg,so couldn't perform well but he feared that the group doesn't have to suffer because of him..

Ankita called priyank to console and appease him...she assured him that he was a good dancer and just that today was not his day...he confirmed that he was feeling well after talking to her...their conversation went on and on till it was 2 AM on the clock..."we have talked for some 3 hrs today", stated ankita..
"yeah i was lost in urs and ajays story" responded priyank..
they were talking about their past relationships and ankita told him about her school affair with a guy named Ajay..

Everything was new for priyank as he didn't had any relationship before..He enjoyed every bit of detail which she told him they used to talk for hours and hours on phone with a record of 8 hours continuous they used to meet each other secretly in cyber cafes and spend quality time chatting with each other...:)
their favorite pass time was going for a bike ride which was very romantic specially in rainy seasons..:P

The next day also ankita continued with the story of her relationship and told him about their break she cut her nerves when she came to know that ajay was leaving the town and also she couldn't resist the pain and took this crazy step to show her true love for him...

Priyank was really touched by her story and the true love which she had for Ajay..
he started respecting her for her loyalty towards the relationship..She told him everything about her even those things which her best friends didn't knew and this made him feel really special...He could feel the spark for her in his he wanted to wait and see if this is what love was..

ankita didn't called him for 3 day as she had gone to attend her's cousin marriage..But she didn't knew that this 3 days were like hell to him...It was like time had stopped and there was nothing important left in this world than to talk to her..Priyank could realize how desperate he was for her and that he had got addicted to her talks..

Priyank knew that he was completely lost in her dance and her sweet talks and that he could find no way out..He wanted to confess her about what was going on his mind..his feelings for her but feared of getting rejected on his 1st attempt of proposing a gal..

Finally it was the D day when they were going to perform on the stage and this year to every1's surprise there was a prize sponsored by radio mirchi for the best dancing couple among all the groups..
The Desi Rockers were all spirited up and made the crowd move on their toes..they gave a splendid performance which was even applauded by the radio mirchi panel..
There were some superb dance performances and it was all over by 1 AM..
Now the mirchi people were about to announce the couple who had won a trophy and Rs 5000 each...Every1 was waiting for the names to be announced...It was like a bolt from the blue for priyank and ankita when they heard their names as winners of the competition..

Both of them were called on the stage and presented with the winners trophy and cash prize worth 5000 bucks..They were asked to speak few words about how they were feeling and all..
Priyank knew that it was really difficult and embarrassing to propose a gal infront of such a big crowd but he knew that this was his big chance of confessing his love for Ankita as she was in cloud 9 and probability of him getting rejected was very less..

He thanked his parents, his group members and friends for motivating him and giving their blessings...when he was about to pass the mike to ankita he told every1 that he had missed to thank some1 special..some1 who has always been his motivation..whose love,charm and affection has made him believe in himself and helped him to give a performance like this.."She is none other than the gal standing beside me..yeah she is ANKITA",affirmed priyank..
I dont know how you would take this but you are the world to me ankita..

Every1 was astonished to see such a live confession of love and were eagerly waiting for her answer..
I....I donno what to say....its Really embarrassing priyank...ur such a stupid..
I love u too...idiot!!!
came the response..

Every1 cheered and applauded for the new love birds Priyank and Ankita..
Finally love found its way into their hearts..:)

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