Saturday, February 5, 2011

Victory of love in Bermuda Triangle-part I

Rohan the protagonist from my previous blog is all set to visit his aunt during his college vacations. His aunt and her family lives in Miami,Florida.
He was looking forward to meet ruchika, his aunt's daughter who was studying fashion designing.

He boarded the flight of Lufthansa airways from Mumbai to Miami. Though he had traveled by plane before this was a special 1 for him as he was visiting Miami after 6 long years. It was a 27 hrs journey so he decided to have a sound sleep.

Miami is a major city located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida.
It is a major center and a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade. Rohan was very excited about all the fun he would having there.

Ruchika and his aunt were there at the airport to receive him. His aunt was in formal attire as she was about to leave for her office, but he was amazed to see ruchika who had grown up into a stunningly charming gal. She was somewhere about 5'6 with beautiful eyes and had great dressing sense.

They had a magnificent bungalow which was near to the sea shore and had all the facilities like gym, swimming pool and even squash court. He was amazed to see the affluency of his aunt. Ruchika showed him her room which contained all things a gal would want except a number of gadgets which 1 could find mostly in boys room.
rohan was happy as ruchika too had her vacations going on,so they decided to plan out a trip to all happening spots of miami with her friend Salomi.

BMW X5 was waiting for them in the parking lot. rohan was in cloud 9 as he had never expected to travel in a bmw he dreamed about, that too so early in his life. As they were loading their luggage in the car rohan eyes suddenly got stuck to the figure that was approaching their way.
"she is so hottttttttttttt........",rohan thought and couldnt stop himself from staring at her. Salomi a voice came from behind, it was ruchika who was very much pleased to see her friend after so long. Both hugged each other for say 2 mins..
"rohan this is salomi, pilot in USA air force",ruchika introduced her. She was 5'9 with pretty face and looked completely like a model. He was astonished to find her working in air force than walking a ramp.

Their journey started and the 1st stoppage was South Beach. It is the quintenssential Miami hot spot famous for its blue water and art deco landscape. Rohan was the most happiest person to visit the beach, as he had never seen so many beautiful gals half naked at a single spot. ruchika and salomi went to the changing room and came out only with their bikinis and short skirt on. They enjoyed for 3 hrs on the beach and than went to the hotel they had booked for the night stay. They had booked 2 rooms 1 for rohan and other for d gals.

They thought to play something and rohan came up with the idea of truth and dare. He was really interested in knowing more about salomi and what could be better than this game. It was salomi turns to answer and rohan was quick to ask about her past relationships. He got an answer which he couldn't believe upon, she had no bfs in past though had 32 proposals in all.

Ruchika sensed that rohan was interested in salomi. Though she knew that he was an intelligent guy with good sense of humour and was also polite and amiable,she told him to remain away from salomi as she was not interested in all dis relationship stuff bt was more of a career oriented gal.

Soon salomi and rohan became friends. They discussed about their past life, goals,family and dreams.Rohan found that though salomi was not interested in relationships and all stuff, she very well knew the meaning of feelings,emotions and respect for each other.

In the next few days of trip, they visited Miami Seaquarium, Miami zoo, museums and many other places. Their final destination was Coral Castle ,an engineering marvel consisting of over 1,100 tons of carved coral rock located in Homestead, Florida. It was built by Ed Leedskalnin for his lover for over 3o years.
Finally they made their way to home , "it was the most amazing trip of my life" concluded salomi, mines too added rohan.
Finally they reached home, salomi promised rohan to take him for a fighter plane ride d next day as he was going to leave for India d day after that.

Rohan was very excited about his plane ride as he would get the opportunity to sit in a fighter plane and also enjoy some alone time with salomi.
Salomi took permission from her Squad Leader to take rohan along wid her and as promised the ride began at 7 am in the morning.

continued in part-II......


  1. Quite unrealistic dude, Salomi is way out of Rohan's league.

  2. @Juzer Ali: Sorry, but love is blind. :P
    @Ankit: I am waiting for part two.

  3. @juzer: part-II abhi baki hai mere dost..nwys gr88 love stories happen when 2 persons quite opposite to each other come together.

    @ nitika: coming soon..:)

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