Sunday, January 23, 2011

11 years hence...fate made thm meet again..!!!

It was a routine boys tlk going on btwn Rahul and his bst buddy Amit..they were discussing abt d upcoming fashion show in abhay prashal by sdps woman clg and figuring out some means to get d passes..Amit was in renaissance clg and was telling rahul abt d fun he had in his fresher's party..

Suddenly rahul came up wid an idea of organizing a shcl get together party..
"lets invite all our friends who were wid us till 4th" ,rahul tld amit..
amit was amazed bcz it had been 11 years down d line and thy had no clue where most of thr childhood frnds were..

Rahul was lost in his world..remembering those past thy used to go to shcl by riskshaw..all fun thy had..suddenly his sail through d memories came to a was her..Sonia..he becme nostalgic..all memories started pouring in at which thy played togethr..cycling in d evening and how can he forget those samll fights thy had..he was trying to remember d incident whn he was fighting wid sonia for a corner seat and a slap..!!!
he was ready to retaliate bt saw d beautiful face of sonia covered wid hands..trying to convey tht plzz dont hit m..

he got anothr blow on his back bt dis time it was amit..he came back to reality and asked amit to contact those who were in town from thr class 4th batch..rahul came back home and started searching for sonia..d best means was social networking..
he only knw tht she left for ujjain aftr completing her 4th standard..

He was bsy searching all sonia's living in ujjain...nn finally aftr 4 hrs of searching he found his gal..thr was a pic of rani mukherji..thr were only some 500 scraps which showd tht she was nt an orkut freak..mre precisely orkut addict..

wld she remem m???
ll she accept my frndship req?? wht wld i say her??
rahul mind was filled wid lots of similar thoughts..
finally he decided to tl her hw much he had missed her aftr she left..her departure was like a shock to him..he had no1 left to play..fight nn mst importantly share his immature thoughts..

"ur kidding man..u found her?? really", enquired amit , he was astonished to hear abt sonia frm him.."I think I was in love dude..childhood love..u knw" rahul tld amit
and also abt all thoughts tht kept on surging in his mind all d day bfre..

"R u serious..?? do u still love her..?? it has been 11 years and u guys havn't seen ech othrs face m she wont even remem u.." ,amit tld rahul..

I dont knw nythng, I jst wanna tlk to her..share all tht i have in my mind..I think it might b late..she wld have a bf..or on d worst side she wont even remem I ll give it a try..rahul left home saying dis to amit wid a hope of getting his frndshp req been accepted..

He sat on his computer and logged on to orkut widout wasting a single min..
he quickly searched d list of frnd reqs he has sent and to his amazement sonia name was nt meant tht she had accpetd d req..yes!! she still remems m..
rahul was on cloud 9..

In a blink of an eye she came ol and pinged him..he had goose bumps all over his body..she had a long list of questions w8ng for did u found m aftr so long..??
where u had been so many years..?? and d list was endless..

They started chating regularly..sonia was in jaipur and was doing engineering..
she had few frnds thr..mst of her bst buddies were in ujjain..rahul was a bit disappointed nt to find his name in her bst buddies list bt thn he appeased himslf thinking abt 11 long years thy had remained apart..
he was really happy to find tht she remembered all d fun and fights which thy had togethr spclly d slap 1..she laughed aloud on remembering tht incident bt thn apologized d nxt min for hitting him tht hard..:)

As time passed thy became gud frnds again..they used to chat for 2-3 hrs and had started njoying ech othrs company..Rahul felt tht dis was d right time to tell her wht all he felt and hw much he missed her..

Sonia was ol..she had msged him to come ol immediately..Rahul pinged her..aftr a little conversation of hi..hellos and wassp, sonia became silent..she stopped responding..thr was smethng wrong...
"R u upset", rahul asked her..Is everythng f99 at home ??..

well thr was no response bt suddenly rahul cell started was sonia
she was crying like hell..rahul tried to appease her and asked her wht d matter was??
thn came d ans which he never expected..sonia had a bf and she had a bitter fight with him..down came d tears frm his eyes..y didnt she tell him abt her bf bfre..nw he had started liking her all in vain..

Rahul...rahul..r u thr called a soft was of sonia..rahul came back to his senses and forgot his pain..he started consoling her and ensured her tht all ll b f99..

He cldnt sleep d whole nite..d word bf was going round nn round in his mind..shld he tell d truth to her..confess his liking fr wht if she says no...hw wld she feel aftr listening all dis..wht if she even dont want to be frnds wid him..all scary thoughts started pouring in his mind..finally he decided nt to confess nythng, bt to help her in all ways he can and alwys remain frnds wid her..

Sonia was a happy gal nw..she had reconciled wid her was all bcz of rahul's advice and efforts tht thr bond become stronger..
"Ur my bst buddy rahul", sonia confirmed while having a chat wid him..
"It was a vry small thing for my sweetest frnd ever" ,rahul responded..
sonia said i love u bt rahul knw in wht sense it was..

Slowly wid time rahul learnt to abscond all his feelings for her..
Today both rahul and sonia are into job and work for top IT companies of India..
Though both have become bsy nw, bt whnever thy gt time,thy never fail to confess the truth tht thy r bst frnds and ll remain forever..:)


  1. This text exudes nostalgia which is a favourite theme of mine too for writing. Just a friendly suggestion, u cud cut dwn d use of shrt cuts. Full words are cooler ;)

  2. k..i ll remember that for my future endeavors
    thanks for the suggestion..:)

  3. it crossed my mind..
    m brought me down d memory lane.
    nicely expressed.

  4. Nice! I too would suggest you to cut down the use of short cuts.
    I am nostalgic after reading this. Rahul is lucky enough to have Sonia as a friend till date. Many commit mistake by confessing their feelings in situation like this, but hats off to Rahul, he did it all well! I wish Rahul and Sonia remain friends forever. And I also wish Rahul finds his soul mate soon. :)

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  6. thanks jaipur chat..
    keep coming by for often..:)