Monday, October 26, 2009

my collections...close to my heart thn my gf..hehe jst kidding

Numismatics.....philatelist..r dis words very strange for u??..have u ever heard of them...those preparing for cat and gre mite not every1..starting wid numismatics...well sme was d case wid m 7 years ago...only till d time i was unaware of what was there in my nanas grandpa safe(tijori) after his death whn it was opened up..i was astonished..nn hell lot confused on seeing wht i saw thr...there were stones lying in a big box..well thts wht i thought till d time i was made to know tht they were not stones bt they were actually which was used some 300-400 years was than tht my interest in collecting coins rose...since thn it has become my dearest hobby....i started collecting foreign coins 1st question to a person changed from hey buddy buddy do u collect coins..hehe...really a hell lot crazy abt coins...spclly d rare 1s...its no mre jst a hobby bt a passion for m...i have around 25 countries coins and 6 countries notes..and lot of indian rarest note z 2 nn half rupee note...dont look agap..its this collection my bro has a major part to play...he was twice mre crazy for it thn nw his job nn work has made him lose interst..
philatelist...a person who collects stamps...well dis z bade papa used to collect got passed to his 2 sons...monu bhaiya nn sandeep bhaiya..nn thn they gave it to us..again i was too delighed to c approx 1000 countries..small..big..triangular...i have added upto 250 stamps to d lot hitherto(till date)..
so dis was all abt ankit as a numismatics nn philatelist...if any of u guys or may b ur frnds r into dis nn r intersrtd in a only a call away..plz do contact m..this is the link to my coins album

time to a grt day..

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