Thursday, March 22, 2018

Not saving water!! Then you are next in queue for scary dreams.

Water!! Water!! Water!! This was what I needed.. My dream took my life away..

I was in a far land. 
And all I can see around me was sand..
I was sitting on my knees..
I was making thousands of pleas..
“water, water, water”, the three magical words that were echoing,
I just hoped someone could have heard them and suddenly pour in..
But there was no sign of man in that terrain,
The real bliss would be then, dropping drops of rain..
But sun raised its bar and the heat frowned more me,
I was, now losing all my strength and energy..
“Save me, save me, save me” is all that I was whispering..
And then suddenly,
Someone shook me up and shouted at me,” Wake up Ankit!! It’s already 12 in the morning..

Yes!! That was a dream!!
Thank God!! That was just a dream.

Washing car is my favorite work. I so love it!!
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From last few days, the frequency of dream has become more and more. Since I have bought the new car and started washing it once in a week( with pipe obviously), the frequency of dream has also became once a week.

I love taking long showers.. So much fun!!
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Since I have started taking shower (instead of using bucket for bathing), the dream haunts me every other day.

Since I have brought back the habit of running the tap while brushing my teeth, the dream scares me every day and I wake with sweat and fear in the middle of the night.

After struggling a lot, I decided to consult a doctor and I went to see a psychologist.
I booked the appointment for the best psychologist in the town, Mr Krishnan Ayyer. 
My appointment was scheduled at 12:00pm in the noon and I reached there by 11:30 am only. I desperately wanted a solution and that too as soon as possible. My dark circle are now becoming darker and the tiredness was clearly visible on my skin.

This is how I was explaining my problem. I thought that the doc will not consider me stupid!! 

When my number for the consultation came, I entered the room. It was a nicely decorated room with simple art pieces but they were good enough to start the relax mode of the patients.

I sat on the directed seat.

Mr Aiyyar: So what happened young man? Why are you here?

The dreams of deserted place with no food and water scared me everyday.. I always shouted,"Water!!"
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And I told him the complete stories of my scary dreams.
After listening to my so-called anecdotes patiently, he gave himself a few seconds for the analysis and then suddenly asked:

“Tell me something about your routine, your work and all the activities you do more frequently.”

I apprised him all my usual and casual undertakings and he made a list of it.
Then, he gave a quick look to the list and suddenly started smiling.

I asked: what happened doc? Why are you smiling? Have you got the answers to my questions?

He said: Yes dear. 
I asked: Please tell me fast.

He said: The water is giving you some warnings.
Me: Water??
He said: Yes, you are wasting a lot of it and it is giving you some signals to stop now.
Me: Please explain in more details.

He said: You use a lot of water while washing your car or taking shower which can be saved for future generations. You are actually squandering the precious resource ad thats why you are getting those scary dreams. If you kept on following the same course, the day is not far when your dream will become reality.
Let me tell you the current situation of water consumption in the world and what it is going to be in future.
Today Only 1% of the total water resources on earth are available for human use.Up to 30% of fresh water supplies are lost due to leakage in developed countries, and in some major cities, losses can run as high as 40% to 70%.
About 90% of sewage and 70% of industrial wastes in developing countries are discharged into water courses without treatment, often polluting the usable water supply.

The situation is, today, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world don't have access to it clean and safe drinking water and if the situation continues to be the same, there will be a time when we will be fighting with each other for a bottle of safe drinking water.

I said: So what I do now??

He said: “Save water”
I Asked: How?

He said: Its simple. 
You can use bucket water to wash you car, utensils and other necessities. You can reuse that water for plants and in gardens. 
You should even take bath from bucket water instead of shower.
You should regularly check for leaks and fix them properly. If possible, you should also install rain water conserving system. 
You should also try to use fully automatic washing machines on full load.
You should also turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving.
You should never use the toilet as the waste basket and flush anything. 
I said: Will this help?

He said: Definitely! If you will make these as your daily habits, I am sure your dreams will not only stop to scare you but instead they can make you smiles as soon as you wake up.
It's just like when you can enjoy Cutting chai then, why can't you love #CuttingPani.
I said: Ohh ya!! Super excited!

Water conservation! That was the solution to my scary dreams and future reality if I kept on wasting the water. Now I was happy and satisfied.
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And today, its been only 3 months since I am following these habits and to my surprise, not only my scary dreams vanished button I everyday wakes up with few thank notes from various unknown people in my dreams. And that definitely make me SMILE!!

You can also have that 24*7 smile if you follow a few simple steps. For instant smile, please have a look at the video:

Save Water Initiative by Livpure

Water Conservation
Today water conservation is seen as the need of the hour and the governments and organisations all over the world are working towards it.
People are encouraged to improve the domestic uses of water, especially leaking taps.
There are lot of initiatives taken to recycle water.
As irrigation accounts for 70% of the water used by humans worldwide, there are steps taken to achieve a better efficiency of agricultural use.
Desalinize seawater is another step that countries across the globe are working on.
In schools and colleges, children are educated about conserving water at home.

#CuttingPaani Initiative by Livpure
The #CuttingPaani is an initiative which is based on the cutting chai culture of Mumbai.
In Mumbai and also across various cities of India, cutting chai is very famous where you don't gulp down a cupful of liquid but only few sips to fresh your senses.

Livpure has implemented the same #cuttingchai culture in their #CuttingPaani campaign to save drinking water.
Quite often we leave the dinner table or a restaurant, leaving behind half-empty glasses or bottles of water. This water is eventually dumped either in the kitchen sink or the dish washers of the restaurant. Since it is clean drinking water we are talking about, we end up polluting it regardless of our intention.
By asking for #CuttingPaani, meaning the only the amount of water you can comfortably drink, you can save a lot of water. 

So join the Livpure #CuttingPaani campaign by signing the petition here and share your ideas with a community of water wise individuals.
I have done it, not it is your turn to spread this amazing campaign and the message to save water.

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