Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love's small note

“Knock, knock” heard the voice and she asked who is at the door?
Voice came from the other side, “hey it’s me, Love, on my way to explore.

She listened to the voice, she searched for the source,
She looked hither and thither, but couldn’t get the course.

Her senses got alerted; she composed herself for the moment,
Now she was all ready to ask for the sudden appearance.

“Why are you here for?” she questioned with great force,
And she was about to get the best answer for the reason of therefore.

Few gentle words came from unknown sides,
Stating the business of the joyride.

I was always there, you just took me for granted,
You sought for the specific, my domain was quite expanded.

I was there in the sips of tea, I was there in those hell of a yippies,
I was there in those twirls of small joys, I was there in those unexpected ahoy.

I yelled at the cause of your cries, I held your hand in all your tries.
I craved for your smiles , I shivered when you went off for a while.

I was always there in my unknown special ways.
Though not typical but definitely there for a longer stay.


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