Sunday, October 2, 2016

Yes..!! We do Exist

Recently there have been a lot of movies, ads and videos on women empowerment, freedom, safety, rights and equality. In most of them everything has been generalized for the entire men fraternity, judging them all on the same ground and drawing the same picture about each one of them, but wait there is a completely different league of men who nobody talks about, Yes..!! We do Exist.

So to all the women out there, here is what we have to say.

We don’t judge you by the number of past relationships or by the matter of fact that you are still a virgin or not?
Everyone has a past and we are totally fine with it till the time you are loyal, faithful and true to us.

We are not looking for someone who can do household chores or make gol chapattis.
We believe in sharing the workload. Also we are self dependent and would never like to be a burden on anyone.

We are fine with the way you dress-up. We are not provoked, nor do we consider it as a signal.
Whether it’s a mini-skirt or saree, we know that you are sensible enough to decide, what to wear when.

Everyone has friends and like socializing. We are totally cool with the idea of you partying with your friends and would even love to join sometimes.
We never hesitate to cancel our plans if you wish to meet your best buddies as they also form an integral part of your life.

We know that you also have dreams, aspirations and goals and we respect and care for them even more than ours.
Nothing can bring more happiness and joy to us than you getting your dream job or successfully starting your own venture. It won’t hurt our “Male Ego” even if you earn more than us.
Your work is equally important as ours; we don’t have any superiority complex.

We love to discuss and have conversations on various topics.
If you have a better conclusion, suggestion, opinion or say about something, it won’t get on our nerves or would hurt our “Male Ego”. We will appreciate it and feel great to have someone like you in our life.
Also we are always open to criticism and improvement.

If a man drinks or smokes so can a woman.
We will never speak ill of you or draw any judgment about your character because of that.

We know that it is quite difficult for you to leave your family and come to our home but believe us when we say that it is equally tough for us as we are now answerable not only to our parents but also to your parents. We definitely respect your parents and would expect the same from you.
Also we would love the idea of your parents living with us.

And the final point, your happiness is the top most priority in our life and we know that it is directly related to your freedom and space.
Trust us when we say that we would do everything in this world to keep you happy but in return we just want you to put some efforts to gel with our family and treat them as your own.

Lastly I would say, do mention “US” in your conversations next time and keep “US” in your thoughts.

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