Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Music on the go with top car stereos available in Hyderabad..

India is among the fastest growing car market in the world.
As a result biggies of the car industry have their focus on the Indian market.

The craze of owing a car in India has increased manifold in the last 5 years and with that the craze for car accessories have also increased on the same levels.
The most important and valued car accessory in the current times is Car music system.

Hyderabad is counted among the main car hubs in India and it also leads the pack when it comes to the best car subwoofers / stereos /speakers in India.

A car stereo has to not only compete with the sound of the engine, tires rolling on the ground but also the interiors of the car can absorb and reflect the audio differently.

The best car stereos are those which can give you control over the sound frequencies so that you can adjust the audio accordingly.

So let’s have a look at the main features, people of Hyderabad consider while buying a car stereo.

1. Audio Performance
    The most important feature of a car stereo is to produce the audio accurately.
    With the ever changing acoustic environment of the car, it is important to have control over the
    shape of the sound and for that we have EQ bands.
    The best car stereos should have 10 to 13 EQ bands. Also we should go with high powered stereos
   which matches with the power output of the car speakers.

 2. Playback Options
     A car stereo should be such that it provides ample of playback options.
     USB /AUX ports should be present which help you connect your smartphones or
     other playing device.

3. Look & Feel
     Today there are lots of stylish car stereos which are present in the market.
      A stylish and flashy car stereo adds to the beauty of the car interiors.

4. Display
     In recent times touch screen audio systems have brought a revolution in the car music system
     industry. There are easy to use and navigate and provide lot of features which are not provided by
     the traditional ones.

Now let’s check out the best car stereos brands of Hyderabad which are also the best in India

    They provide car audio systems at the most reasonable price.
    Also according to the price range they produce sound of very high quality.

2. JVC
    This Japan based company is known for manufacturing very high quality sound products at a
    reasonable price. Overall their products are good value for money.

3. Sony
    Sony is the leader of the industry for the best quality music products.
    They are also the most popular car stereo brand in the market.

4. Kenwood
    Kenwood is known for making quality car stereo products.
    It’s most popular device is the CD changer.

5. Bose
    Bose is one of the oldest and famous car stereo making companies.
    It aims at delivering as natural a sound as possible for its customers.

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