Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why Sony Vaio makes it to best seller list !!

Laptops are the most powerful gadget in the world after mobiles.
A day without laptop is like a day without any productivity.

Dell, HP, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung and Sony are the market leaders in the industry.
Every brand has a product which revolutionized the way we look at laptops and made it to the best seller list.

For Apple it is MacBook, Lenovo has ThinkPad, Dell came out with Inspiron series and on similar lines it was Vaio series by Sony which made it the hot favorite of the laptop industry.

Sony Vaio laptops are good for almost everything.
So let’s see what different factors made it possible for Sony Vaio to be among the best sellers.

1.       Design & looks
Sony Vaio laptops are by far the best looking laptops ever produced.
They are sleek and slim. Also they can be tagged as one of the sharper looking laptops
available in the market.
The island style keyboards which are the trademark of Sony provide excellent key size and spacing.
2.       Build Quality
Sony Vaio laptops are known for the quality materials they are made up of.
Reliability and sustainability are the two key features of these laptops mainly
because of the amazing build quality.
3.       Light Body
Vaio series laptops are one of the lightest laptops produced ever.
The carbon fiber body not only makes it look awesome but also retains the
lightness. Also the aluminum wrist plate gives it a solid look.
4.       Sound 
This is one area where Sony generally excels whether it’s a laptop are a TV.
Audio is excellent which provides you an amazing gaming and movie experience.
5.       Supports Heavy Multitasking
Sony Vaio laptops are known for their high performance levels which gives a smooth ride
while performing heavy multi-tasking such as playing HD video, surfing the net and working on office documents at the same time.
6.       Glossy Screens
Sony Vaio laptops are considered to have one of the best screens in the market whether it is
touch screen or the simple one. The unique screen design and resolution is one of their main USB.

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