Saturday, March 8, 2014

Travel Smart, When you plan it with Skyscanner

This time the most liveable, most network ready and most tourist loved country of Asia is on our cards. Yes you got it right it is “Singapore”, the island country of Southeast Asia.

But when you are thinking to visit the 7 most expensive city of the world a smart plan to travel to the dream destination is a must. Tough to accomplish it in a budget is difficult but not impossible.

The best way is to find a place where you can compare fares of different airlines to get the cheapest deal without burning your pocket and to add cherry on the cake also the best accommodation suiting your budget.

After lot of brainstorming, goggling, analysis and speculation we found the one stop destination for cheap airfares, hotels and cars – “Skyscanner".

A bit about the leader
It is the leading global travel search site which provides instant online comparisons for millions of flights on over a thousand airlines. In addition to that you can also find deals on hotels and car rentals. Travel search in over 30 languages makes it easy for people around the world to navigate it.

Step 1 – Pick the right time to travel
If you are planning to visit Goa in July when it is damn hot,
USA in winters when you can't even get out from your hotel because of everyday storms.
Or a place which gets flooded during monsoon is not a good deal.
You are not planning smartly.
So the first thing you need to plan is the best time period to visit your dream destination.

For Singapore the climate remains the same round the year so that was of no concern.
The high season is from June to July & Nov to Dec, so the smart way to travel was during the low one.

Step 2 – Plan your flight
After deciding on the time period next is to book the flights.
It is quite possible that we are not sure about the date we want to travel.
For us anytime round the 8 months the plan could spin off, so we wanted our travel dates to be flexible.
After we entered the From and To of our travel and went on to click the Depart button we were utterly surprised. Flexible date for a complete year, just wow!!

After selecting the whole year we clicked on search and selected Mumbai city to board our flight from.
The amazing comparisons of flight rates for each month round the year was impressively presented in form of Chart and Calendar.

Seeing such a great comparison you can easily decide on
Which Airline is cheaper ?
On which days it's flight are cheaper ?
Whether it is good to board a morning or night flight ?
Planing a travel under budget suddenly seems to be a quite easy task.

Also go for transit flights as they are cheaper.
Direct flights should be taken only when you have a serious time constraint.

Step 3 – Plan your stay
After flights are booked next is to plan your stay.
You can search for hotels, guest houses and private homes.
During low season there are many hotels who welcome you with open arms
that too at a reasonable rate.
But than reviews from the past travelers gives you a brighter idea which one to pick from the lot.

When we searched for hotels on Skyscanner we were welcomed with another surprise

You can search accommodation based on Popularity, Price, Distance from city's center & ratings and decide on the perfect one.
Also to help you more there is another feature called MAP.
I tells you the exact location of different hotels on the MAP and also of the near by attractions.
So accordingly you can choose the one which lies in the center.

Step 4 – Plan your commuting 
After your travelling and stay planning is done and you have googled about all the major attractions and extracted the required info, the only thing remains is your mode of commuting.
For that you just have to click on the CAR HIRE option and bingo.

You can find all classes of car here and pick which suits you the best.
Even you can pick the age of the driver...:P

Last but not the least the best way to travel smart to any destination is to keep oneself updated about all the latest deals, offers and prices for that place.
And for that you just need to subscribe to the newsletter "Airmail" from Skyscanner.

Follow it on twitter and Facebook and set up a price alert which provides the best prices for the destinations chosen by you.

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