Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winning..finally explored

WIN  is one of the most powerful word in the dictionary.
Happiness, Excitement, Confidence, Success & Transient Satisfaction, are its close relatives.

Winning carries a different purpose and meaning to different people

Soldier - For a soldier winning is conquering the enemy fort and hosting the flag of his nation there.

Doctor - Defeating lethal diseases to save lives of people is what winning means for this class.

Athlete - Breaking the old ones and setting new records, grabbing the 1st place whenever there on the field
                is what defines winning for them.

Software Developers - Implementing codes which are bug free and gives a hard time to the tester is their
                                      way of winning battles.

Testers - Replacing angry birds by bugs and throwing them at developers to make their life hell is a WIN
                situation for them.

HouseWife - When someone says, Shelaji, your home is so clean, your children are so Sanskari and your
                       husband is so loving , it fulfills her definition of winning.

Politician - The number of times Aam Aadmi gets fooled by this specie defines their winning rate.

Journalist - Bringing the news fastest defines their winning graph.

Manager - Brainwashing people so that they work in the favor of the company and against their own
                   defines his WIN position.

But when I contemplated more and went into profound levels , Winning carried a more deeper meaning to every individual in this world including me.

So I could categorize the scope of my WIN-WIN condition as below

1.Self  -
When my goals are achieved, dreams come true I can say I am winning.
Success & Happiness always accompany me in whatever I do makes me feel I am winning.
When the top position is always reserved for me & there is a race among people to know me better
gives me surety of Winning state.
If the bad me is becoming opaque and the good me is becoming brighter with each day passing, I can proudly say that I am Winning.

2.WE  -
"We" includes all my near and dear ones with whom I can share the winning seat.
Whenever they win the feeling is mutual.

3.Society  -
If members of a society enjoy rights and follow their duties.
There is no Communalism, Capitalism  & division among people on basis of color, region & money.
It is a secure place to live for men, women and others then I will proudly say I am winning.

4.Country  -
Corruption, Poverty, Illiteracy & Unemployment finds no place in my country.
Socially, Economically & Culturally my country stands tall in this world.
Be it Sports or War, we play a fair game , then I can happily say I am winning with my country.

5. World -
If there is peace and equality in this world then in true sense every individual in this world is winning.

Never lose hope, never be depressed , never feel weak and lost.
Because at every moment , you are winning with someone, for someone..:)

This post is part of WINNING for India Today Conclave 2014 contest on Indiblogger


  1. Really well-written, Ankit! You have covered the topic from so many different points!
    When we think of Winning, we think from our points of view.
    People can have different views too! May we all win together :)
    Best wishes for the contest :)

    1. Thnx Anita..yes it really imp for people to win together as a family, society, country or world..
      All the best to you too..:)