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Galactica...a land unexplored !!!

“Gentleman I have some very important news to share with you, Scientist CK Jain was addressing the top defense officials of India.

CK Jain was the chief Astronaut at ISRO and was the head of the team which was responsible to find existence of life across different parts of universe. People used to call him Sir CK Jain.

We have been observing planet Galactica from last 1 month and have found some surprising facts about it.
First some general information first-:
It’s the largest planet of the Alpha Centurai System which is 1 light year from earth.       
 Has half of earth’s diameter and 60% of mass. The red orange surface of the Galactican surface is caused by iron oxide. Its atmosphere is quite similar to that of the earth.

Now coming to the surprising facts-:
There are 2 huge castles at the extreme ends of the planet which can be seen through high intensity telescopes.
Sudden disturbances and big ripples are observed in the pleasant water surface of the huge sea.
Rapid movement of generally stagnant trees.
Sometimes big clouds of dust can be seen as if there is a Mahabharat between 2 huge armies.
All this activities give an impression of existence of life.

So we have decided to send a team of 10 people to Galactica who will find out what exactly exists there, are those creatures like us or some invisible forces. We have to make sure that earth is in no danger because of it.
I have taken permission from President for the same. There will be 3 scientists and 7 highly specialized officers from defense department for the mission. I will call it as “Exploratica”.

Tomorrow we are having a meeting with President Mr. AK Azad as he wants to meet the team going for this mission. I hope you have sufficient time to select your best 7. See you tomorrow in the morning than”, saying so Sir CK Jain made a move.

I, Captain Ankit Jain and my team was busy practicing for our next mission when Brigadier CP Marshall walked in.
Officers, your attention please because what I am about to say is going to change your life.
Ankit, you and your team is selected for a mission no one has ever imagined.

We are sending you guys to Galactica which is the biggest planet of our nearest star.
Scientists at ISRO have indentified some unusual activities there. You guys have to explore the territory and find out the reason for that. We will be providing you with the best of ammunition and gadgets which will help you face any type of obstacle.

Tomorrow President wants to have a meeting with the complete team which includes you guys and 3 scientists from ISRO, a total of 10 people. All the very best.

President welcomed us to his office and discussed about the date of journey, what are the expectations from this mission and what will be our game plan.

A special space craft was created which could travel at the rate of 1/3 of the light’s speed.
Laser guns, Robotic suits and 2 vehicles named Storme which were equipped with highly advanced weaponries were at our disposal.

Finally the D day came when the team was going to commence for their mission Exploratica.
5..4..3..2 ….and 1 and the space craft took off.

Video Source : Misqumockas's channel

After 3 years of journey it was time to pull up the socks as we were about to face something unseen and unusual which could be beyond our imagination.

We landed on a surface which looked quite mysterious, primal and terrifying.
Quickly we checked on the device for what existed in the 200 miles radius.
Around 100 miles in the north there were huge mountains, some even volcanic in nature.
South had huge trees, some even 100 m tall and orange in color. They looked like soldiers guarding a frontier.
To the east, some 50 miles away was the endless sea which had red water same as that of the red sea.
And to the west lay an endless plain surface.
To add to the peculiarity there stood a white tree, 20 miles away, isolated from everything and had a small hole at its bottom.

“I think we should start from that tree, probably it seems to be unique and sacred. What do you say guys”, I inquired.

Scientist took out a machine which scanned the tree for traces of life and fortunately we could see a structure about 3 feet inside it.
“Load your laser guns and get on to the Storme guys, we are moving in that tree”, I affirmed.

The surface was a bit rocky too but our Storme was build in a way that it could travel on sandy , rocky and even water surface.
As we got closer to the hole, a beam of light illuminated and the 3 feet tall structure came in front of us.

It appeared like the character Yoda from Star wars movie. Face like a dog with long ears.

“So you are from earth”, he enquired.
We were shocked to see him speaking in English.

As a captain I took the lead and answered him.
“Yes we are from earth. Our scientist have seen some unusual activities on this planet and sensed existence of life. So we have come here to check out what is happening. I am Ankit the captain of this team. Sriram, Stephen and Renu are the Astrologists.
Lieutenant Karan, Sud , Tapo and Subedar  Rafaa, Fatima and Deepti are the part of Indian army.
Who are you and how do you know that we are from earth”, I enquired.

“I am Padro , the oldest person of this galaxy.  I am alive from last 50,00,00 years.
Yes I saw you people entering the planet and my sphere of universe alerted me of the same.
Don’t worry I won’t hurt you people. Welcome to Galactica”, he said politely.
“Thanks a lot Padro. But how do you speak our language? Also this land looks so peculiar and mysterious. Can you tell us about other living beings of this planet? Does everyone look like you? And what is this sphere of universe”, I asked anxiously.

You can consider me as a messenger of God. There is a Padro in each galaxy. Each Padro can communicate with all forms of living beings of that galaxy. Also we have a sphere of universe through which we can observe everything happening on any planet throughout universe and can contact with other Padros. Normally we live on the planet where there is peace and natural beauty all around. But last 2-3 years has been tough after Nectrons invaded this planet. They have ravaged the natural beauty and have brought dangerous creatures with them. Their main motive is to abduct “Ambers”, the power of life. Zepers who are the native of Galactica are trying their hard to protect them from Nectrons.

Let me show you all this on the sphere of universe.


There had been 2 huge battles between Nectrons army and Zepers.
Though Zepers had managed to win them both but the loss of lives and resources was huge.
The only point that has worked in Zepers way is the hostility between the 3 species of beast, Nectrons control.  They are not able to command all 3 of them to fight together against Zepers.
Once they expertise in that art, demolition of Zepers is inevitable.

“Is there a way to defeat Nectrons and its forces”, I asked anxiously.

“Yes there is but it’s damn risky and nearly impossible for any Zeper. The head of all Padros, “The
Archedros” is the one who has the power to transfer any living being to any place in this universe.
The only way to save this planet is to convince him to throw Nectrons out of here.
You can see those mountains in the north; the highest one with a volcanic head is where he lives.

“Well I think Archedros help won’t be necessary. We have the latest ammunition and gadgets and it can easily kill those bloody creatures. Please take us to the palace of Zepers, we will help them in the next and probably final battle”, I said enthusiastically with a pinch of over confidence.

Zepers palace which looked more like a colony was red in color and made up of iron, the only metal found on the planet.
It was on the top of a mountain surrounded by trees and shrubs.
Apart from Capher there were different types of Floras and Faunas found in the proximity.

Some flowers were as big as adult tortoises while other as small as a humming bee.
Scent of few was mesmerizing while some could even make a person faint because they smelled like a decaying body.

Among the animals there were mainly herbivorous species which included




The dangerous ones included


As we entered the palace with Padro , everyone 
stood like a statue, watching us with their eyes popped out. Their heads looked like the bottom of a cricket bat.

Padro introduced us in a language which was mix of Chinese and Sanskrit..:P
He also told that we have come to help them fight against the Nectrons.

A smile though not very pleasing to see appeared on the face of every Zeper.
They invited us to explore their palace and enjoy the hospitality.
As we were examining the place there was a sudden uproar. Chirping of birds, roaring and grunting of animals can be heard clearly and loudly. 

Something was wrong, damn wrong. One of the Zeper came running to Padro and explained him the situation.

“Guys we are been attacked and this time the army of Nectrons appears to be huge. I am afraid to say that the existence of Zepers looks in danger.

“We will face it together and wipe those bloody creatures from this planet”, I assured Padro.

Preparations of war had started.
Thousands of Caphers made their way out of a place which looked like a sanctuary.
The experienced members of the troop took front positions on the strongest of the Caphers.
Their big and pointed Spears were held high in the air ready to pierce through the body of those bloody monsters.
We were also ready with our strategy. 5 of us got into the robotic suits which were around 20 feet tall equipped with the latest technology.  I along with the scientists got into one vehicle while Deepti took the other one.

The battlefield was all set for the war of the century. It was 5 am and the Alpha Centurai was about to rise.  We positioned ourselves at the same place where we had landed. There were large clouds of dust formed at a distance of 10 miles which meant that our enemy was now quite close.

As the cloud closed in our heartbeats started increasing.
The first sight of Nectrons army was horrifying.
Huge Megacondas , 8 legged giant spiders and frightening Scorpions with their tail raised were approaching towards us in hundreds of number.

“I can’t believe my eyes, never expected the 3 species to come together like this. Demolition of Zepers is now inevitable”, Padro said shivering with fear.

Attack and kill those bastards was what I shouted on top of my voice.
Though Zepers were unaware of my language but they very well knew what I meant.

A fierce battle took place on the sands of Galactica. Rocket’s and mini missiles blew the Giants into small pieces of flesh. Unfortunately 3 Megacondas took Tapo by surprise and knocked his robot down. A strong blow from the tail of Scorpion broke the main chip and disabled its functioning. As Tapo tried to get out one of the Pokilo pounced on him and dug its fang deep into his body.

“Tapo”, I screamed.

Suddenly an invisible force got into me and I single handedly started to butcher those bloody creatures using the laser beams and blew the hell out of them with the E-bombs.

Finally after 15 minutes of fireworks the show got over. Bodies of giants monsters and hundreds of Zepers lay still on the sands of Galactica.

“We won it”, I shouted with joy, but could find none to raise the toast with me.

Everyone was staring right in front with horror easily visible in their eyes. As I turned back to see what was coming I got a heart attack.
Thousands of bigger and deadlier creatures were approaching us, this time not alone but with their masters, Nectrons.

“We will fight till our last breadth, remember your god and be ready to slaughter those bastards”, I shouted loudly.

But somewhere down the heart I knew it was all over. Our ammunition was about to finish and only half of Zepers army was left. If someone could save us then it was only god.

Those Mammoths were now just a few meters away from us.
A large Palaeophonus with a tail as big as a bus was about to strike the final blow on me when suddenly everything disappeared in split of seconds.

No one could believe on what just happened. Thousands of monsters suddenly got disappeared in the thin air. I was awestruck and it took me some time to get back to senses. As the air got clearer I could see a Storme few kilometers away.  It stopped in front of us and Deepti stepped out with a person who looked quite similar to Padro.

“Archedros”, Padro shouted in delight.

Deepti told us how she had an institution that something unfortunate was going to happen today and hence felt an urgent need to find Archedros and tell him everything.
It was hell difficult for her to get to him but once she reached the place where he lived it was like eternal divine. To her surprise he agreed to save the planet at once, the reason was pretty simple.
If people from some extraterritorial planet are fighting hard to save Galactica, who am I not to help them.

It was time to celebrate as Zepers got their planet back.
They thanked us for everything and invited us to join the celebration.
But we couldn’t accept the gesture because though we won the battle but on the other
hand we also lost one of our colleague, our friend, Tapo.

Padro insisted to take one of the Ambers as a gift from the people of Galactica.
This time we couldn't say no as it was for the welfare of mankind.

Finally we bid adieu and took off for earth.

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