Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review of Minto-Ultramintz by ITC

A fresh mouth is as important as a fresh mind. Mints are best suited to take care of the
first thing. They not only refresh your mouth but also your body and give a long lasting
cool effect. I just love mints. Be it the mint with a hole, POLO or Mentos, dimag ki batti jala de, I always carry them with me.

When Blogadda came up with review of “Minto Ultramintz by ITC “ under their  product review program I was damn excited and at the very moment applied for it.

For the next few days I always checked my Gmail for a mail from Blogadda stating that I was selected to review the mint and man I didn’t had to wait much longer.
The mail had everything which a person who has got selected was required to do. 
I quickly acknowledged their mail with details so that I can get the mints as soon as possible.

The product was shipped within 5-6 days. As I opened the package there were 2 black colour boxes, each containing 60 ultra-cool sugar free Minto Ultramintz.

Wow what a packing, it seemed like ITC has not sent me a mint box but instead a diamond ring.
Everyone at my office was like, this is just amazing, what an awesome stuff..
The expectations now were quite high. Finally it was time to taste the mint and feel the refreshment
factor it had. The first mint in my mouth and seriously I was not at all disappointed. I was looking was a strong mint with a fast cooling effect and it gave me exactly that. All of my teammates were trying to grab as many mints as they can. One of them even asked me for a box so that he can gift it to his GF.

Product Review

It was just superb. Very stylish and classy indeed.
I also loved the card which was kept in the box.
Rating: 10/10.


The box again is very stylish and cool.
It’s also easy to carry it anywhere and everywhere.
I also liked the concept of having 60 mints in a single box.
Lot of stuff to keep oneself cool and refreshing.
Rating: 8/10.

1.       It’s a strong mint which makes it different from other competitors.
2.       It has a refreshing and cool effect which lasts long.
3.       Sugar free tag adds to the value.
4.       The taste of mint is also good.
5.       The size and shape of the mint has been thought upon quite
prudently which makes 60 mints adjust easily in a box.
Rating: 8/10.


Overall I just love this new product by ITC. Though ITC is not a new player in the mint category, Minto Ultramintz makes it stand apart and above others.
I will definitely recommend everyone Minto Ultramintz which is a mix of finest quality menthol and the best peppermint oils from France.
I had freeze my senses, it your turn now. Grab your box of 60 sugar free ,cool mints now.

I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.