Sunday, July 28, 2013

My first ride of my till date

It was my college days when I was gifted a new Honda shine on my birthday.

I was so excited to go for a long ride, feel the flow of the cool breeze on my face and experience that adrenalin rush when you are in full throttle.
Well I didn’t have to wait much.  It was Saturday and our college got off early as two professors were on leave. We decided to utilize the time and hangout at some place. But that’s not an easy task when you have a group of 10 people shouting at the top of their voice. Finally we decided to visit the dream college of many, “IIM Indore”.

It was 50 km from our college, enough for my first ride experience.
We got on our bikes and the journey started.  Cruising on the highway like a speed demon is just awesome.

                                               Ashish cruising on highway

As we reached our destination the security guard restricted us from entering inside the campus. We tried our best to convince him, even called him sir, but that guy was a stubborn.
Finally we gave up upon the idea of exploring the campus and consoled ourselves by thinking that we will take care of the guard after we get admission in it.
But pankaj and ashish had different plans.
For them this was their only chance and without giving a second thought they rode right through the gate into the campus. But this made the guard a hell lot angry. He told us to call them and get their ass right outside the campus; else the consequences will bring us big trouble.

First we ignored his words and thought of other plans of getting in. But when he picked the phone and started dialing a number, we understood that it was time to run.

“Come on, pick up the phone pankaj “, I kept on mumbling. But to my fear , there was no response.
We even tried calling Ashish , but the result was same.
After 10 mins of unsuccessful efforts finally one of them picked the call just to hear something no one ever wants for himself, “The police siren”.

“Pankaj get out now “, I barked on him.

The eight of us were terrified and frightened to see the jeep at a distance of 100 meters moving swiftly towards us. Suddenly out of nowhere Ashish appeared speeding his bike on full throttle.
Vroom…Vroom…In nanoseconds all of us flew from the spot head over heels.  I was rushing through, at the top of all speed limits and the feeling was incredible. Gust of cool wind flowing through my face, blowing my hair.
My mind became numb just focusing on nothing else than the endless highway and the speedometer. The thrill and adventure was beyond description.
It was when I became a speed demon and adventure crazy.

This was for sure the best drive of my life.

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