Monday, May 20, 2013

Until Death Do Us Apart

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I and Palak were happily married for last 5 years.

We were in the same dance group of our college and fortunately partners.
Both of us were good dancers and had a great chemistry together.
Slowly how this dance steps also moved our heart beats, how this dance chemistry also spiced up the real chemistry of our life, we didn't realize.

I proposed her the very moment after our performance and she said yes..:)

She was a caring mother and loving wife. But last 6 months had changed my life drastically.
It was Rhea who came in my life and did the damage. She had stolen my heart which always used to beat for Palak. Now I was hers.

Rhea and I had fixed our date of marriage and it was time to tell Palak about it.
I decided to tell her everything on dinner.

When I reached home, she was sitting on the dinner table.
 I came closer to her and said, I have something to tell you.
She sat down and waited for me to start. I could see the pain in her eyes as if she knew what was coming.
Last 6 months were like hell for our relationship. We were never intimate, never kissed each other,
forget about having sex.

Suddenly I lost my tongue. I was not able to speak a word.
I wanted to let her know that I wanted divorce but didn't know how to open my mouth.
With all my power I raised the topic calmly.

She was not agitated by my words, instead she just asked me politely, Why?

I tried to overlook the question which made her furious. At once she picked a spoon and threw at me which struck right above my right eye. Are u crazy, I said. Her response was “Go to hell". We didn't talk for couple of days. She kept weeping the whole day. What was her fault, what wrong has happened to our marriage,was only what she wanted to know. I was in no position to tell her that I have lost my heart to Rhea and didn't love her anymore

Now there was nothing else than a divorce agreement which could convey my words to her. I drafted one which stated that my wife was the owner of our 2 bungalows, 1 farmhouse and 50% stake in my company.

Next day I gave it to her in the morning. She glanced at it and tore it to pieces.  Her eyes were like ocean full of pain and finally she cried badly in front of me. I was the one responsible for all those tears. Every tear had just one question why are u making me a stranger, throwing me out of your life, what’s my mistake?

When I came from office she gave me a page which had some points written on it.
She had agreed for a divorce but there were few conditions.
1. I have to give a month notice before divorce date.
2. For that month we will try to live a normal life as possible
I agreed to both of them but there was a one more.
After coming from office I will dance with her for half an hour on the same songs and music that we used to in our college days.`

I agreed to her crazy condition, though I was usually very tired after coming from office but it was just matter of a month and I wanted to end it peacefully.

When I came from office it was all set, the music, the ambiance everything for a perfect salsa.
It was salsa which had brought us together during the college days.
As the music started we took our pose and the salsa started.
Our daughter was so happy to see us dancing. She too got involved.
It was awkward for both of us to do salsa after so many years that too at this point of life.
It also involved lifts, stunts and aerial work, the moves that called for intimacy and chemistry.
First day we managed to finish it but with lot of clumsiness.

Next day it was a bit normal.
I managed to get the moves correctly. There were moments when I had a closer look at her.
There were signs of aging, dark spots and wrinkles.
5 years back when I practiced the same move she was a divine beauty, flawless and fresh.
Our marriage had a toll on her. She had faded and I didn't even have the time to look at her.

One week passed away and our sense of intimacy was growing again.
I was able to recall those old golden days, the most beautiful moments of my life.
But one thing that was striking my mind was her health. While doing the lifts and
aerial work I felt her to be much lighter and thinner. She had lost a lot of weight.

On our last day when our daughter went to sleep, I played the music.
With the first move I could feel her. At every step, on every lift she came closer to me.
The buried feelings, emotions and intimacy had finally erupted out.
At the end I held her tight in my arms and said, Will you be my salsa partner for life long.

She had tears in her eyes. It was the first time after 6 long months that we kissed each other, but not this passionately any time before.

Next day I drove my way to office and called Rhea in my cabin.
I told her that, I wanted my marriage to work and I still love Palak the same way I used to love her
5 years before.
I am really sorry but I don’t want this divorce.
Rhea was astonished. She gave me water and asked me if I was fine.
I told her that I was in my complete senses. The main thing which was missing in our marriage was
the value of each other, the charm, and the intimacy.
We have found that back and now only death can do us apart.

She slapped me hard. I knew this was coming.  She slammed the door and went away. I wasted no time and came back to home.

Today was a big day for me. I was going to propose her in the same way I did 5 years back.
Everything was set on the beach. A small white color four pillared tent which was embellished with heart shaped Lamps, 1 at each corner and a big red one in the middle. Inside the tent there was a beautiful table and 2 chairs decorated with flowers. The music was on.

Today I was going to do the best salsa I knew.

When I reached home she was dressed in the best attire she had. Suddenly she looked the most
beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.
We drove to the beach area where I have done all the arrangements.
She was overwhelmed with joy after seeing it. Without wasting a single moment I played the music as it was time for some salsa baby.
It was our first lift and she collapsed in my arms. Suddenly the world came to a halt.
I couldn't feel her pulse. I was devastated.

“She is suffering from cancer from past few months. We can’t say anything till next 24 hours”, the
Doctor said. I was shocked. It was like there was no blood in my body.
In last few months I had noticed that her health was deteriorating but I ignored it as I was too busy in my life with Rhea. How selfish was I to ignore those warning signs. I was feeling guilty for what all has happened to her. It was all my fault.

She remained unconscious the next complete day. I prayed the whole day only to see her smile back.
It was around 4 a.m. in the morning when doctor came out and told me that she had come to her senses again but there is also a bad news. She won’t be able to become a mother again.
I was tore apart. She always said that we will have 2 children, a son and a daughter. From last 8 months she was telling me that I was the right time to have their 2nd child but the blind me ignored it completely.

When I went in I took her hand and cried like a child. She said she was fine and won’t trouble me more. I asked her, why she let all this happen to her.  Why did she ignore the signs?

She politely said, “From last 8 months every moment she was busy to make their marriage work.
There was no time in her life for herself, her body. Though sometimes she felt lot of pain and fatigue. But she ignored them as they had now become part of her life.
I hugged her tightly and thanked god for giving me my life back, my wonderful wife Palak.

Moral of the Story
There are 2 morals of this story

              Don’t ignore signs in form of drastic weight loss or body deterioration. You might think
        It’s normal because you are going through a bad phase as in this story it was bad marriage.
        But remember it can turn out to be something really worst.

        It’s not flashy gifts, bungalow or money that gives happiness in a relationship. It is those little
        things that you do for each other which build intimacy.


  1. Ankit- You have weaved this story beautifully. For a moment I was wondering where is the moral part coming and then I realized it after reading Palak's health issues. This is indeed a lesson for people. Try to give your best in a relationship and never ignore warning signs. Good job, I found few typos in between. YOu say she suffered from Cancer. Was she completely recovered? Cz from what I have learnt from school days - Cancer is a life threatening disease. I love stories with happy endings. Good Job as always. Keep up the good work Ankit.

    1. Thanx a lot for all the appreciation dude..your comments are a real source of motivation..For the typo i will keep that thing in mind..
      She has recovered for the time though it has left a life long pain for her..
      I hope her husband will take good care of her now..:)

  2. Wow, that was a great story. The way you weaved the story from one stage of the marriage to the next, along with the progressive cancer was really great! I'm surprised there aren't more comments for this great story.

    1. I am glad that u liked it dark knight..:)
      thnx a lot for ur kind words..:)

  3. Great content man... Loved it... I hope to see more such emotional posts...
    I really loved the title "Until death do us apart" ( Such titles shows a hint of genius ;) )

    Keep writing man..
    "Life is a marathon, not a sprint"

    1. Hey Ankit welcome to my blog..
      thnx a lot for liking it..:)
      keep coming by more often.

  4. hey ankit, great story. really enjoyed reading it. very true people often find out ways when relationships does't work. m glad 'PALAK' though suffering from such a dreadful disease, didn't lose hope n recreated the magic between them. i luv happy endings. i read it somewhere 'endings have to be happy n if it is not happy den its not da ending'.keep up the gud work (Y)

    1. hi kavita..
      yes you are right in today's world people are so much occupied with themselves that they don't have time to sort out their relationships...
      Palak did a commendable job..hats off to her love and sacrifice..
      thnx for taking out the time to read it..:)

  5. I think I have read a similar story before. About the guy carrying the wife out of the bedroom every day for one month.

    1. Really !!!..can you please share the link..

    2. Yup. It's just one of those stories making rounds in Facebook. I will post the link if I get it again though. I just felt it has some resemblance :P

      Btw, why don't you install Disqus comment system on your blog? Take a look if you want

    3. yeah plz..i would like to read it..;)

      oky let me have a look..btw thnx for suggesting..:)