Saturday, December 22, 2012

Highly recommended experiments to get straight hair

Are u a straight hair lover who always dreamed of straightening them ,than you are at the right page.
Here are some ISI certified experiments to ensure that you get your hair straighten...

1. Things required- DVD player,TV, a DVD of horror movie like Dracula .
    Procedure- Play the DVD and enjoy the fun. After watching the movie u will definitely
                     end up with straight hair..)



2.  Things required - Air plane , Skydiving kit
     Procedure - Coolest way to get ur hair straighten
                       Just Wear your skydiving skit and jump out of the plane.
                       Let gravity, air and parachute take care of the rest..:)
                      And here you are with straight hair..

3. Things required - Free fall ride
    Procedure -  This ride ensures that you get ur hair straighten though temporarily but without any
                       effort and with load of fun.So just sit in the ride and let gravity take care of the rest.

4. Things Required -Some clips and a bed
    Procedure - When you go to sleep, just tie your hair at the end of your bed with help of clips.
                       After some sleepless nights I assure you straight hairs..:)

5. Things required - plaster of paris
     Procedure - Apply plaster of paris on your hair. Keep it for some time till it sets and sunhardens.
                       Now break the cast and tadaaa,,,,you have straight hair..

6. Go to a salon and ask him to get a military/soldier cut. Permanent straight hair for atleast 3

7. Try preparing for IIT or CAT 24* 7. You will definitely end up pulling ur hair helping them to get

And if any case none of the above experiments work for you, here is the most dangerous but perfect experiment to permanently get your hair straighten and for that

8. Things Required - A live electric wire
    Procedure - Just touch the wire and let electricity take care of the rest.

But if you are simple living person who wants a easy yet full proof way to get your hair straighten apply Sunsilk solution.

This post is part of the contest The straight hair experiment on Indiblogger..


  1. Hahaha.. It was hilarious!! I specially loved the plaster of paris wala idea.. Awesomely funny!! Loved it :)

    1. hey Prasoon,
      Welcome to From My Diary.
      I am glad that u loved it...:)
      do leave ur foot prints more often.

  2. I'm surely not going to apply this on myself... :D

    Its awesome that I found a blogger from my own city...a worthy visit :)


    1. Hi Noopur,
      I think u should try it as we need some1 to confirm the results..:P
      yeah it feels gr88 to meet bloggers from Indore, specially bcz blogging culture is not so common there..

  3. Hi ....want to use the electric shock image in a learning resource for hairdessers. email me at is a picture that says a 1,000 words!