Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Treasure with 120 pearls,found a way to spend them

There is a very famous saying that time and tide waits for none...Once the time flies away it never comes back.

As a result ,many times we regret on not having enough time to achieve our goals,fulfill those most important desires and utilize the opportunities to full extent.
It is a common thing today that most of our time is devoted to our duties and we find nearly no time for relaxation,self improvement or even our family.

According to a survey conducted on 1000 Indians, they were asked few questions and they had to answer in yes or no

  yes                                no

I need more time , I tend to cut back on my sleep
 185                                 24

I feel stressed as I have less time in a day
 206                                 35

I worry that I spent less time with my family and friends
 255                                  28

I feel trapped in daily routine            
 320                                  10

I get no time for my passion, my hobbies    
 213                                  30

So according to the survey , today people are suffering from time crunch.
Everyone craves for that extra chunk of hours.

Sometimes siting beside the window ,with a cup of coffee in our hand we often contemplate on the the fact that "24 hours are not enough", we want more time...a couple of hours more probably was what we wished for, as it would fill the time crunch.

So listening to our pious and honest thoughts,the goddess of time Surfexcelia fulfilled our wish and gave us 2 extra hours in a day.

                                              Goddess Surfexcelia

So now that we have 2 extra hours lets decide on how to utilize it to the fullest.
Here comes the list of all priorities where we can devote the time
4.Hobbies or Passions

The 120 minutes are like the pearls of a treasure where each one of them is very precious and can help you build fortunes.

How to utilize them.

Protesting against the social crimes on individual level would do no betterment of society as it requires a large scale revolution as led by Anna Hazare.
If I think about the betterment of human kind on a larger picture , setting up an NGO or working for a cause will take atleast2 years.
I can't change the system or fill up its lope holes in so less span of time.

So the next thing that came to my mind is what is so important to me for which I can devote these beautiful 120 pearls.

I started dreaming...........Here are the thoughts that came pouring in....

I am very passionate about dance so lets join a dance class and sink in the immense pleasure of rock and rolling.

Or why not sit at the seashore and watch the tides coming by , water touching my body gently, wow what a wonderful feeling.

Reading about the biggies of this era fascinates me so why not pick up biographies of legends like Steve Jobs and get to know how the miracle happened.

Once those fingers strike the guitar and words starts pouring out to meet the rhythm nothing gives more pleasure than the music produced which flows like a river.

When we are in trouble we say "hey bhagwan", but what about the remaining time, do we thank god for all this spectacular things he has given to us , rarely I suppose.
So I would like to show my gratitude to almighty by devoting my time for him.

I have thought about my pleasures, hobbies , almighty but what about my mind, my body which keeps me active and ahead all the time.
Should I join a gym or should I  immerse into the world of spirituality and  meditation to get that refreshing peace of mind.

Well pondering  for some half an hour I have finally got the most efficient , lovely and heart touching way of utilizing those 120 pearls.

I would make special thanks giving collage to those very special people in my life which deserves every pearl of this treasure.The collage will be having snaps of the memories which we shared together accompanied by a sweet note or a short poem.

In today's life  we are miser in showing gestures of gratitude when we receive a helping hand from someone.
We are so busy with our life ,work, schedule that we even forget to make our near and dear ones realize how important they are to us and that we will be always there for them.
Bonding dwindle, gaps becomes wider and even relationships come at the verge of ending because of our
 "I don't care attitude".

So I would devote every pearl of the treasure to make my bonding robust.

Hera are those special people

My Parents-
When I was a in school I used to make greetings for my parents on their b'day and anniversary.
I used to arrange a party and even cook for them.
Now that I am in Mumbai for my job, we only talk on cell that also for half and hour.
So I would make a special collage to return .01% part of all love and care they have given to me.
Somewhat similar to this, but with snaps of lovely memories.

                                        Photoshop creation(1)

Best Friends

They are my secrets gal next door finders..
my 2am friend...they are my best pals..
But many times I have failed to tell them how much they mean to me , either because of lack of time or lack of words.
With my special collage I would like to fill in for what I had lacked that time.

                                     Photoshop creation(2)
We come across sincere , well wisher, helping , bully, asshole, backstabber and many more types of colleagues . But there are those who are more than a colleague to us.
So a special collage for those special ones at work.

Well Inko to aap phele se kafi kuch de chuke hote ho...:P
But for all love, support, and yeah those special unforgettable moments I would more than happily make a collage for her also which I do usually..:)

                                     Photoshop creation(3)

For all support, motivation , advice, suggestions and yeah all that Khari Khoti which was actually meant for my betterment I would love to show my respect to them through a very special collage.

                                     Photoshop creation(4)

Well Wishers
Finally for all my well wishers and fans..if a single also exists at all...:P
I would write a thanks giving note to them and keep it with me till I find one cheering around loud..

This post is for  Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest.
Topic: If I had two extra hours in a day,how would you spend it?.


  1. Luved the idea of Surfexcelia!!! Very creative post!!! All the best!!!

  2. thanks NNNiiiXXX...keep coming by more often..:)

  3. I think that was a nice calm post :) i liked reading it... Honestly just 2 hours can make so much of difference rgt? wow :)

    Take care and keep writing......

  4. Thanks a lot Thousif...
    Yeah 2 hours are like 120 precious pearls if used efficiently...
    Keep coming more often...take care