Friday, June 3, 2011

The door to real beauty....finally opened

We all have heard that its the eternal beauty which is important and not the external
show off...We should be beautiful by our deeds and actions..

For some its the nature which defines beauty in true sense,some consider
small children and their innocence as the most beautiful thing made by god while for most of
us its love which is most beautiful in this world..

Anyways coming to the point..

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder..

Its actually the way people look at things which make them appear beautiful.
Lets think from a different angle and try to view beauty from a different point.
Let me show you how the world can appear beautiful to different people.

For a mother the world is beautiful if her child is happy and healthy..she doesnt need
anything else and thats where beauty finds a meaning for her..

A farmer finds his farm full of prospering crops beautiful than anything else..So its
the soil and the crops which defines beauty for him..

For a lover the most beautiful moment is when her beloved is sleeping and murmuring
his name..He finds her the most beautiful person on this earth and for him beauty is all
what she is and she has....

A musician finds beauty in the lyrics and beats of songs..he feels it in
every node of his instrument..

A social worker explores beauty at places like orphanage,vridhashram..

So beauty lies everywhere, in everyone.
It doesn't discriminate based on caste,gender,color,region or money...
It cant be stolen, nor can be won by power,money or any materialistic thing..
It is something which can be felt and seen even by a blind..

From a rainy day to a sunny morning..a beast like lion to a peace loving dove..
a glowing flame to running water...
Everything carries an element of beauty..
Both the sides of coins are equally beautiful its just which side who have your
eyes on..

Lets ponder upon a different view which actually adds and enhances the meaning of beauty..

Tons of trash is been produced every year..Some of it is recycled while most remains
burried and unused,causing nothing else than foul smell and diseases..

But today few people are finding beauty in even the trash which we consider wasteful
and throw in dustbin.They use their creativity and art to produce something way beautiful
than what we can even imagine of.This not only provides employment to many people and help
us to recycle the waste but also creates a world which could have been never more
beautiful before..

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